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  • Haha , that's true xD

    Though for me the distance is almost the same xP
    I'll come visit xDD
    Or we could both go to Oymyakon one day and see what cold is all about xDD
    People near the end of the last ice age xDD

    Even at -30 O.o
    Well at lest you're moving a lot which should make you warmer....but still...that's insane (in a good way) xP
    O.o nice weather to go out and play hockey? xDD
    People aren't supposed to go out when it's -25 . That's why they used to hide in caves and sit around "campfires" xD
    I'd die if it was -25 and I had to go to uni in the early morning xDD
    Well he hasn't been sick for years xDD

    It's the same with me though really cold here means minus 10 at most...with a few exceptions every few years when it gets -15 to -20 xD But I'm pretty sure cold weather has something to do with your immune system being so awesome ^^
    My point exactly xD
    Maybe since it gets really cold your body adjusts to it and is more resilient and your immune system gets tougher O.o

    You're still lucky...he's just...godlike xDD
    Indeed you're really lucky. Especially considering how cold it gets there xD

    Though if you're sick from something more serious it' nice to stay at home so you don't get everyone else ill as well ^^
    I'm sorry for your loss D:

    I tend to miss uni when I'm sick or sometimes I just overlseep since some classes start crazy early >.>
    And I didn't like missing school because it was fun ^^
    So I don't believe that's weird.
    What's one day at uni xP
    You'll miss it lol xD

    Provided you don't have exams or anything important.
    Though going all out during the weekend is probably a better plan xD
    No, no - you should try to celebrate as much as you can xD

    It's your birthday after all ^^
    Happy Birthday Anti, I wish you all the best ^^
    Have an awesome B-day party xD
    Merry Christmas Anti, hope you have a great one xP

    And I left a fresh DNA sample under your Christmas tree just in case xD
    lol ohhh I know what you mean, it happened to my Ar tonelico collection thread. Well, it looks fixed now guess, thanks ^^
    :d16c4689: I exactly have the same thing in my mind, still finding stuff to upload. there are new member uploaders coming. it would be great to know and talk to them.
    :059: Anti, i thought about something just a minute ago, what do you think about creating a group for Uploaders? i think it would help us to get to know new incoming ones.
    Yes, as long as Saber is in there, as long as it is SABER!!!!!! That's why I'm known as the official Saber-con of AS?
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