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  • Will do, mate.

    I just noticed that I typed "Multitool player", when I told you what I bought.
    Actually it's Tactical Multitools Plyer, for RM50(less than USD$20). I say it's a good deal.
    Nothing's cooking now but if there was it would be some spanish rice and beans ^^ lol

    How are ju buddy?
    Pretty good almost done with this render I'm doing I'll post it up in my renders thread for all to see :3
    Sorry for the late reply, someone re-uploaded X-note but im not sure if its the 2.0 version :(
    Oh! Thank you for the reply.

    It's nice to see you too! Hope your day is going well. Stay healthy and strong~
    lol! I wonder what he's going to eat first, Renano sure is a generous one, I got some too not long ago :)
    Guess I'm going to have to start herding Girls & Cookies so I can be ready to give some back around here
    Okey, Maybe i'm clumsy or whatever, but I answered you on my own profile hehe. let me just add that you are def ready to deffend some anime girls. And if the SOPA\ACTA shit gets into affect...well, then their asking for it. Time for me too sleep....6.54 am
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