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  • I see. That sucks. It might be better for you if you rest more. xP
    Your new sig and avatar are cool. ^^
    Umm... probably coro would have messaged ya about the sig thing o_o But then again he's an admin now... so never mind. >_>
    Hey alex, nice sig. I didn't know Ignis let you pass the 500 x 300 sig rule they have o_o btw is that avatar cropped? I'd like to see the whole thing is why xD Thanks for helping me in the lolz picture thread also.
    that's bridget evans, the one who cosplayed alpha omega and won in the 1st Stardust Witch Meruru Cosplay Contest. :3
    i might be late, but still...

    Happy New Year! :3

    Eeto... friend? o.o
    (btw, you click view conversation and then post your message, otherwise the other person doesn't know when you replied).
    IC, thanks for the head up.

    Would be nice though if the uploaders mention in their post if the game translated or not, just like in Hentai section.

    Anyway, thanks again.
    I'll give you a head up. Most of the japanese VN are censored and not translated.
    I can takes years before even one game even get translate or that any translation groups will starts a project.
    All in all, only one of many popular series will get translate by a compagny or a translation group.

    So don't expect to see any VN being uncensored and/or translated.

    If you have any other question. Feel free to ask me~
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