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  • Merry Christmas sky-nee!
    Oh, the petit ones are cute too :3 I'm just waiting for one for a character I really like :0
    Nendo's are nice to decorate your workspace/desk with :3
    I prefer scaled figures actually. This will only be my 2nd Nendoroid.

    I just really liked this one because: Cute/Blue/Shinigami :3
    There this one

    And this one

    Last but no least, this nendoroid from the eroge Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki: Tina
    Yeah, should have been so much more. Another example of a game not living up to all the hype.

    Are you getting the Pokemon remakes this month?
    Nice, I will have to get a Xbone sometime just for that collection.

    Destiny is a bit of a letdown in my opinion. Downloaded it on PS4 day one, and only played it a handful of times.
    It's actually a really good phone. Like it a lot. My first time getting a LG phone.

    Are you getting the Master Chief collection on Xbone?
    Cool, thanks. I had the HTC Incredible 2, and really liked that phone. I don't really care for the Galaxy S4, so I am thinking of going back to HTC.

    LG G3 looks good as well, so it's between those 2, but I will probably go with the M8.
    You have a HTC One correct? I was wondering because I have a Galaxy S4, and was thinking of upgrading to a HTC One M8 and was wondering what you thought of the HTC One phone.
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