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  • Heya~

    Here's what I got for you ^^
    I wasn't sure what type of border would fit.
    So here's 2 different ones.

    Hope you like it! (If not lemme know if you want anything changed/added/removed
    I'll adjust it to your liking ^^)
    Haha, I'm not all that great. Still getting used to photoshop :o
    Sooooo many options >_>
    Anyway It'll take a day or 2 for me to finish it depending how much time I have (cuz work and stuff ;-;)
    This one is just fine. Himawari is really pretty here *_*
    Hope the anime makes her just as cute as she gets more screentime :o

    Just one thing, you see those really fine strands of hair? I can't render those. I don't know how to.. :deadsad:..
    Which means that I'll have to render the loose strands away..hope you don't mind..

    Ah Ok, good to know ^^
    As for the pictures, I render them myself.
    But I'm not good enough yet to render pictures with glittery stuff and the like all over the place D:
    I thought I already sent you a friend request o.o

    Just asking nicely will do :3
    So yea, I'll make you one.
    Send me some images you would like to have a signature of.
    But make sure:
    1. There's nothing obstructing the character, like text or something
    2. Pics of small sizes like 450x800 won't work, at least 1200x1200 for better render results
    3. The character does need to have at least a 'full side' By that I mean that it can't be cut of by both sides. Something like half an arm or leg.

    Just a few things I need in order to get a better sig ^^

    (btw, just to avoid any future misunderstandings..are you of the male or female kind? :3)
    Haha I see :3
    I can't pick yet, I'm still at game 4, with Kaeda and Sara
    But yea, i can imagine, it's hard to pick since I like all of them too <3

    Oh and for that there's a little button.
    If you're at forum games, there's tis little small blue button with 2 lines in it.
    If you click that you automatically end up on the last page, latest post ^^
    Hiya Sky :3

    From your sig I can tell you've played the Sono Hanabira series right?
    So my question.. What's your favorite couple? :3
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