What is the first thing you do when you wake up?


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Oct 24, 2011
The first thing I do is..
Turn on my PC! and resume my DLs hehe..
Hit the snooze button and go back to sleep then wake when the second alarm hits and brush teeth and stuff
I do any or all of these things:

1. Hit the snooze button on the clock.
2. Turn on PC and get the downloads going.
3. Come here and spam a bit.
4. Be in silent pain due to chronic dryness upon waking up.
5. Apply eye drops.
6. Watch anime, play PSP or go find something wrong with my pc and fix it.
7. My least favorite right now...going to school.
turn off my alarm
get dressed
turn on my laptop
get ready for work
eat breakfast while surfing on internet
off to work :D
Regular Days
Turn off my alarm clock.
Go back to sleep.
Check the time.
Take bath.
Getting dress.
Check torrent DL progress.
Go to work.

Holidays & Weekends
Check the time.
Continue sleeping til afternoon
Check torrent DL progress.
Check ASF forum.
Breakfast(even if it's already afternoon/evening).
Surfing the net.
Back to PC.
Back to PC.
Late night dinner.
Back to PC.
Beyond the obvious 20-50 second piss?

Stumble into the wall through a pitch dark hallway to the kitchen, and in a "zombie like trance" poor some coffee and try to not fall into anything as I sway left to right like a drunk waiting the 2:30 for the coffee to be burning hot.
check the clock/time.. if its worth to go wake up or go back sleep.. ~
Try to settle down my morning wood, before I go down to kitchen for breakfast.

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