What is oldest/youngest age you would date someone?


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Feb 24, 2012
How much of age difference would you date someone?:D
I date a boy who was two years younger than me... And that was a big mistake because he wad immature and didn't treat me right, then I dated a boy who was three years older than me and I found our relationship sinking down into nothingness and boredom. I think the youngest I would date someone is a year and the oldest to be a year older. My current boyfriend is like 8 months younger than me and I am happy with him.So, what your cut off? What is the youngest and oldest age would you pursue a girl/guy? :rolleyes:
Hmm... from personal experience... If the person is closer to your age, you'd have a somewhat better relationship. Some people fret over age and because you're around the same age, you can get along about certain things better... whether it's conversations, activities, etc...

That doesn't mean older/younger partners are terrible or anything. It's just some feel more comfortable around people their own age.

Overall, if I dated someone... the oldest... 3-5 most. Youngest... no more than 3 years. My preferred choice would be like you... no older or younger than a year.

Although, if you really like someone, then the age gap whether they seem immature or mundane at times... shouldn't be bothered too much. Some people really are in love~
Hmm depends... its mostly about the partner's personality is it not?~
I suppose i would prefer 1 year difference... :/
I think age gap doesn't really matter if it's just for a date
you can experience some different things
it's a different story if we are talking about marriage
Hmm it doesn't matter if I'm in love I don't really care about age but if she is 20~900 older then me then offcourse samy will marry her not me

Hmm...I don't ask about age!
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^ yea you're maybe right
and of course if you love each other
you wouldn't mind about age, so do your partner
but marriage isn't just about love
it's like joining 2 family into 1
after all you're not living just by yourself

well it's just my thoughts afterall :)
Bet its a 76 year old man :emjudge:,samy stop having a crush on old mans you need a woman :mafiaboss:
Guess it can't be helped well then Sam have a...good life or something like that with a 76 years old man I guess true love can even extend to a relationship between a boy and 76 years old man,just tell when and where the marriage is to congratulate you :XD:
I've dated a girl almost two years older than me, I have no idea how. Must've been lucky - an upperclassman from another school, smart & pretty too (*ゝω・)
Í generally fall for older girls (I'm getting older, so I'll refer to ladies or women now)
I don't know why, I tend to be attracted by the fact that she is older, and yes I have something even for adult adult ladies (in other words, ladies faaar ahead of my age, e.g. at least 6 years (つ∀`)) Though I probably won't stand a chance with that lol

I don't mind a girl who's younger, heck if I like her, I like her.. right
It's just a strange preference, but I definately wouldn't date a girl like, 5 years younger than me (maybe not at the age I am right now), but the highest would probably be like.. a lady 10 years older lol (●´∀`)
I think I'm attracted to a motherly like figure.
Man do I need help? lol

but then again, heck, If I like a lady I'll like her, I really shouldn't be caring about age or whatever
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25 to 30 is best, on average the most attractive age group.
legal to 35 if they where really hot.
I'm dating a guy a month older than I am...can be quite fun though, since the age gap is virtually none...

I am curious about how it's like dating a younger guy...:D
my girlfriend is 2 years younger than me and I'm 21 so not that much of an age difference :o
Either 2 years younger than me, or one year older than me :3
hmmm...as long as she loves me and i love her...age didn't really matter....
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Hmn... 2 years older...
Hmn... No limit for the younger ones... I love lolis.. LOL
Lol this thread, in my opinion the youngest would be 20 and oldest 34 :reallyconfused:
Hmmm, honestly probably around my age. 1-3 years away would be the best. I wouldn't mind if they were younger or older

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