What anime (new or old) has disappointed you recently? Why?


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Jun 11, 2015
I finally got around to watching Spice & Wolf, and I gotta say I was pretty disappointed by it. I was hoping for more out of it with all the praise it's received. Not a very impressive cast (aside from Holo of course) and the plot was painfully slow and uninteresting for the most part. I nearly dropped it around episode 9...

But anyway, regardless of if they're current or not, what Anime has ended up being a big disappointment for you, and why did it not meet your expectations?
Hmm, if my memory still right servers: Did me years ago Candidate for Goddess and Angel Sancturary disappointed - Not that the plot of them me annoyed has or some like (it has me very liked). No. The anime did simply stopped, where actually so right interesting become is... And there are still some anime, where me the anger pushed up have...>_>
Zankyou no terror.

This anime has such high ratings and was so hyped because it was directed by the legendary Shinichiro Watanabe. Cowboy Bepop and Samurai Champloo are two of my all time favourites but Zankyou no terror was just horrible.

First episode was amazing, and then it went down hill from there. Too many flaws. Simply put, it under-estimates the police too much and over-estimates teenage terrorists too much. Maybe I'm just weird though, lots of guys really liked it so maybe you guys can check it out if you haven't already.

To the anime's credit it has good characters and the visuals are really good.
Ichigo %100 ? but I guess it was not my style and uh lemme think wait:vulture:...:alopro:

DUNNO :saveme::forsaken:


Brain error 404 anime not found :crushed::dead:

*PEACH GIRL*:donefor:
Well, actually I'm with God Eater so: I don't have with the anime itself a problem (is great and so further...), but with his/her airing date - The anime has so-and-so delayed started in the summer (actually the whole season, but this is a different topic...), is G.E. currently in last week of the summer season at episode 9: This means that G.E. probably still 3~4 weeks in the the Fall season spending will, almost a month then.
Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

The show itself was great, quite original and funny. But the last episode was really disappointing. they left everything unresolved, with no hint as to how things might develop in the future (hope there's gonna be 2nd season), and in fact I didn't even realize that it was the last episode until like two? days later. so yeah, that was, as so often, a disappointing last episode for an otherwise great show.
Oh goodie, a thread to complain!:korokke_nekobeam:

Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.
As a fan of the original TV series, I was quite wary of the series after what Toei did with Saint Seiya Omega, but Omega had a semblance of plot, and even if everything was toned down to be kiddie friendly, it was a nice series... if you don't consider it a part of Saint Seiya. I don't hate all spin-off series, and in fact quite liked The Lost Canvas, and it was a pity the anime never finished for that. Still, the PV trailers got me hyped up for the anime made for the 40th anniversary of Saint Seiya. (I am not that old btw, my first intro to the Saint Seiya series was the Hades Chapter OVAs in 2002, and it snowballed from there.)

Anyway, I went into the series, wary, but excited for change for the Gold Saints to get their spotlight...and got majorly disappointed. What were the script writers doing!? The pacing, the animation, practically anything that could go wrong in this anime did go wrong! For an anime made for the 40th anniversary of the franchise, not a lot of effort was put into it...


Anyway, there was my long rant about how Toei ruined my very few expectations... I'm sorry for this large box of text...
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im quite disappointed with dance with devils ending. why didin't ritsuka follow rem to the demon world -_- she could come back and visit human anytime.
but since is rejet's artwork, i'll support till the end hahahahahahaha
:shinies: season2 at 2017
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Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku wo Ketsui Shimashita.

The ending could have been so much better. Seriously, a work order brought her back.... A work order would have been the nail in the coffin that sent me to the demon world.
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Log Horizon 2nd season.

The animation quality dropped really bad.

Also, Mekaku City Actor.

I watch the PV series, turns out the anime wasn't that great, even in BD version. Does answer many questions, though.
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I know a lot of ppl are going to disagree with me when i say this but SAO was a bit of a disappointment to me its still a good series but ive seen better but i think the real problem was that i let the all the hype get to me and set my standards high for the series.
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I've been disappointed with most anime in general since around 2007/2008. This was around the tipping point of anime going from being its own awesome end product to merely being a vehicle to push ranobe/manga/games/etc. for a short period of time. Rather than telling compelling stories with characters that end up meaning something to me they take 13 (or 12 or even 10) episodes, introduce a few characters, do nothing with them, and then it's over. Bokura Minna Kawaisou is one example of this. On paper it would seem like you have all of the ingredients needed for comedic gold, yet the end product was so forgettable I had to use Google to even remember the title.

Nagato Yuki-chan no Yuutsu would be another example of modern wasted potential. From the Haruhi books and anime (Endless Eight bullshit aside, which is a separate rant) you have an established group of characters that all mean something to me, so picking up where my excitement left off and doing something new with them shouldn't be too difficult. You can say it's different, the problem is that it's about as interesting and exciting as watching jizz dry on your stomach.

As anime has shifted from being an end product to an advertisement vehicle the amount of product produced each year as steadily increased, while those that are truly memorable and worthwhile have become fewer and farther between. The biggest disappoint has been the industry as a whole over the last 10 years.
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The anime showed this October are boring, so I skip this. I re-watch all anime that subbed or dubbed.
Masou Gakuen HxH, or more specifically, HorribleSubs for being horrible enough to use a censored source that doesn't even have the decency to censor in a way that adds comedy. It had to air uncensored somewhere. Everything does.

HorribleSubs no bakaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
Bloodivores. Thought it had potential at the beginning of the Fall season, but halfway through, it comes across as same old, same old.
~ Chrono Crusade - Trailer and description were a complete 180 of what the anime was truly about by the time you are done with them. about half way it goes south pretty fast and leaves of a very sad note leaving a sour aftertaste in the end. The story up til half way is good and seems to follow what you are told the story is about, but just shy inbetween half and the end, it gives you a surprise you could obviously see a mile away early on makes its appearance.

~ Jinki Extend - Trailer and description were a complete 180 of what the anime was truly about by the time you are done with them. just over half way through the anime it seems to take a whole new direction and goes into dark territory. The characters and story have a lot to be desired and seems to be half-baked.

~ Guin Saga - *The only disappointing part about this series is that the original author that created the books that turned into the anime/manga died not too long ago so there will be no more continuation of the anime which is a HUGE let-down*. The reason it is a huge let-down is the anime is not like a your average anime. It departs for the norm and plays out like you are reading a book, with some minor acting inbetween, that is telling you a story of the leopard headed man that is protecting these two young royal children while trying to find out who he is and why he has a leopard face for a head. Overall, it is still good for what is there and highly recommend it.

~ Those Who Hunt Elves - *The only disappointing part is creators left the anime on an open note, stranding our heroes for a sequel*. Overall this is a classic anime of a group being teleported to another dimension, with a twist, they have a fully operational tank with them. This anime is pretty much about humor and how they have to find certain ruins that have somehow teleported onto the bodies of female elves which make up a good portion of this worlds population, making our heroes quite notorious, hence the anime title. A good recommend if you are into some humor and interesting hijinks.
Flip Flappers: The plot was all over the place and left more and more holes as episodes went on. Close to no explanation, predictable and it felt rushed =/

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: Most useless female lead of 2016. It tried too hard to be dark and gritty but failed.

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