Welcome To Aincrad (Mafia Game 7)

『Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?! Sudden start of my MG?! o_O My heart isn't ready for this yet... T_T』
『I wonder where did Sin go...』

『Then should I create MG8 Sign Up thread now???』
yeah go for

partly because my inability to be active on the forum for too long because of schedule is why I enlisted sin's help anyway.
『But then Sin went off somewhere without warnings too... Well, he was saying he got pretty busy lately, maybe he got so filled with work that he can't even come here?』
『Thanks... Still need to finish some stuff but I think I will manage while people sign up...』
『Wait, Flight, were you a player of this game too? xD』
no second is just the local slightly annoying person who keep popping in XD


second your awesome :)
『And I almost thought he was a player of this game since he joined MG6 too but survived mod-kill by mistake cause he was forgotten xD』
Tis fines..~ Could maybe finish planning the rules out before next game =w= So its not impossible to get out of poverty...
hey honest opinion.... was my mg good? i know the setting and plan was good in my eyes just lack time. oh and did you guys apart from samye gues the theme for it?
fear your MG was fine, I think all the mg's so far were well done.

however some themes don't work well and this game was one of theme.

also in the second mg game the host disappeared and never came back.

so I had to carry that game given the fact I never watched angel beats back then.

I think theme should be simple enough that they work and engaging. I thinking avoiding over complicated themes is the best.
Didnt you say someone else guessed it?

Complicated can work as long as its planned out well enough? Avoid vagueness perhaps?
yes sin i believe

Kos-mos, i never told the player the theme of my mg but the theme was higurashi/umineko with cludo as a bonus theme
Lol so two people guessed xD Hmm... i wonder... i guess avoid overcomplicating in certain ways and dont assume that people are going to play as you want would be something to follow =w=

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