Welcome To Aincrad (Mafia Game 7)

Lol... do you learn anything in your classes?... always sounds like you already know it all =w=
『They make it sound like we already know it all too since they almost never explain anything. Basically its just do this and do that while you have to figure out how to do it yourself... Well, its not like its like that with all the subjects but with WEB-technology, Delphi and C# its basically like that... Honestly there is no point even going there if you don't have a laptop you can bring with you, since most of the work is done at home anyway...』
Hmm... so its not useful for most subjects... but school environment forces people to learn somewhat xD
『True, I wouldn't probably bother learning that stuff on my own if I didn't have to do it for college >_<』

『Anyway, decided to skip on college today xD』
Lol xD Thats pretty much what the money goes to...

Hmm... nothing important today? xD
『Yep, doing that stuff at home anyway xD』

『Hmmm... I wonder if we will be able to unlock more weapon skills if we raise our current weapon skills...』
『I can't decide what weapon to choose to lvl up in order to reach scythe or at least sickle or kusarigama >_<』
『Yes, whenever I imagined what kind of weapon I would use if I was in SAO while reading it, it was always one of those 3 xD I think it should probably go this way: dagger -> sickle -> kusarigama/scythe with scythe probably being a unique weapon that requires a quest or something (maybe killing that death reaper under the floor 1?)』
『How would you know my teacher's number if even I don't? :lmao:

『Obviously it was op cause they didn't have enough members. I think its just that ??? boss that doesn't show it's lvl and HP amount to scare players off even though its beatable. There are those in few MMOs...』
『Wait, right it cam out already... I always forget to download it >_< Might play it after I finish FF TYPE-0... Or maybe even now to learn more about SAO for this MG ^_^』
Yeah its beatable but its mostly just used to keep people away from the dungeon? They were top class players and still couldnt really do much...
hmm I guess these price will be alright ,

One handed war Hammer 1000 Gil(35ATK)
Broadsword 1500 Gil(25ATK)
Rapier 1300 gil(20ATK)
Dagger 1600 Gil(20ATK)
Great Mace 1300 Gil(35ATK)
Great Hammer 1700 gil(25ATK)

Hevy Metal Armor 1500 gil(15DEF)
Finest Glove 1000 gil(10DEF)
Let's see what I missed yesterday.
Wasn't at a computer yesterday.
Don't forget the action I send 1 or 2 days ago >.<
It was so that I would be able to do the boss today but it seems I was forgotten :(

btw... please mention us if u post the action here or it gets confusing @_@

EDIT: It was 1 day ago >.<
felt like a long time~
Yep, I do this a lot.... More so than I'd like to be honest :p

When I take my lunch break I'll get right on it

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