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Nov 3, 2010
Walkure Romanze
ワルキューレ ロマンツェ

Walkure Romanze's story revolves around Takahiro Mizuno, a student studying at an academy with jousting as its main focus for sport. Takahiro acts as an advisor to the riders of the sport. Takahiro goes through each day tediously until the time of the annual competition draws near. Due to some odd circumstances, his childhood friend Mio Kisaki is enrolled into the competition. She has never even ridden a horse before in her life, and Takahiro senses the fear in his friend and becomes Mio's coach.

Cast: Yamashita Seiichirou, Shimizu Ai, Kawashima Rino(Mizusawa Kei), Nakamura Eriko, Taguchi Hiroko(Natsuno Koori)

Original Creator : Ricotta
Original Character Design : Komori Kei
Animation Studio : 8-bit
Director : Yamamoto Yusuke
Series Composition : Fudeyasu Yuusuke
Character Design : Katsura Kenichirou

Credits to various sources for image, video and information.
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hmm...original cast from vn...but i bet they'll choose mio's route right?
First, a big thank you to the staff of Ricotta and 8-bit studio for making this a reality.

To all whom know me, I am the biggest Ricotta and oppai fanboy on this forum. Walkure Romanze is my favorite Visual Novel, and I wont walk away from the crazy number of posts before and after its release since I have talked non-stop about it then. I knew this day when I had to make yet another thread after stopping for almost a year, who knew it was for Walroma's animu adaptation. Well, everyone who played will know its coming, just a matter of time, as Princess Lover had its time. Now its for Walroma.

Story aside, I thank 8-bit again for their brave and gallant decision to cast the original voices of the characters from the novel into the anime. There's no avoiding that cast, since they make up the show. Then again, like every other adapted shows, the glaring difference between the anime character design and original character design. I am a fan of Komori Kei - sensei, I love his works for Ricotta and his own doujin circle. For the game, it won the 'Best Graphic' award from Getchu in 2011, as well as a Top 5 seller for the game itself, I have my rights to expect higher right? I cant really complain too much now, as the difference is too obvious, but getting an anime is a call for celebration for fans of Ricotta alike, just until when every other guy picks up the show and says idiotic and nonsensical crap that every other shows have to endure.

October will be a call for joy, plus the opening song from my favorite eroge singer Hashimoto Miyuki. I will reserve my comments about the back stage people producing the show at 8-bit, I really hope they dont disappoint.

What else do I ask for? A good fan base and people to shut their traps about the show when it airs. If you cant appreciate, then you should not be watching. Its that simple.
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^ So much for poking fun at me when the game was released back then!

But I forgive! Nyahaha, kyonyuu daisuki~
thanks for sharing the news Terumi^^...it's good they use the original cast,,hope the anime wll be

success too:)
Rebooting thread with PV #2 (this video is weeks old):

Lantis' post for OP by Hashimoto Miyuki


Picture sucks because of the fact that it is anime...

...but following it anyway...because it's Walkure Romanze...and I liked the original.
First episode already aired earlier if no one knew, I think I saw subs floating elsewhere already.

Well, cant say I really kept my hopes too high for this. For one, the animu's character design and art is seriously bad compared to VN. VN was probably too outstandingly beautiful on its own right, so its not a point to lament over about.

Hmm, the story tweaks. Would have loved if they sticked to the original content more faithfully, Mio's pretty afraid of mounting the horses unless she's with Takahiro at first, animu made it very natural. Sequence of events are messed up, the rpae house obviously didnt appear in VN. Things were blown extremely fast, the debut episode effectively covered the 70% of trial version of the original game, which meant a major cram and skip of contents. Encounters with Lisa and the other members are not made yet, the other heroines only have a short air-time in the episode. Where the heck is Kyle anyway? Seems like he got completely omitted from the animu, too bad.

Side note, animu's portraying Takahiro as quite the emo and lost kid? I kinda like his overall feel in the show, he's much taller and bigger in VN, but animu size-wise, he looks good (except for the face). Takahiro's pretty much more easy-going at this point. They kept some of his traits, but he's certainly not a emo kid. Heck, he can have a clown friend and still do tea parties in libraries. I am puzzled. New guy seiyuu sounds ok.

Too fast, too much skip, stop holding the CTRL button please. I need my Shimizu/Mio moments, not getting enough because they changed the start. The dere scenes are almost all gone, which really appeals to all whom played the game, because Mio's simply the cutest girl at the start. Animu seem to add Akane as a heroine too, which makes the original novel of 4 wrong, although the FD is just around the corner. From pointers, looks like it will scale towards Mio route for the animu, something which I dont know whether would it sit well with the VN/fan community. I personally dont mind, but Mio's route was really too plain magic and nothing out of the norm, and is outshined by Noel and Celia. We will just have to see then.

OP's nice. Hashimoto Miyuki again and again will never fail. ED's a real beauty to behold. Thank you for the beautiful ending sequence and thank you to Asou Natsuko for the lovely song.

In before the community rage when Mio cuts her hair.
I feel a subtle rage inside myself when Mio cut her hair in the VN, too...

Quality of picture from what I've observed is to be expected - it's *anime*, after all, and still picture is infinitely easier to make well than animated ones.

And, I think it's the constraint of space (expecting a dozen of episodes, two dozens at max like Princess Lover before it), and the nature of "VN-to-Anime" thing that gets the story to be propelled so quickly and drifting down and off the cliff...

...the story pointing towards Mio's route is rather natural - after all, she's the "dominant" heroine for this one. I wouldn't expect multiple anime be done for each route...I'd love to see how Lisa's route turn out myself, but that's a high-grade pipe dream.

...now to find where I can watch the first episode and get to see it in action...
luckily... they learned from the mistakes, none of the seiyuu where changed! let's hope that they don't do much crappy modification of the scenario
Expecting more fanservice as we proceed further into the series...two minutes in and fanservice already?

Fanservice is no substitute for ecchi...I'd say.

Note that I'm just skimming because I'm about to go to bed...
Watching the first couple minutes makes it obvious - school romance series follow set patterns, after all.

Bleh, what was I asking. Already saw too many hints, OP's biggest one given Mio vs Celia only happened in her route. Haha, sorry sorry.

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