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Nov 18, 2013
Hello there people, call me clover. Umm not sure what to say, I like drawing a lot, and playing videogames quite a lot? mostly home consoles tho
I been trying a few visual novels lately, I never knew those are quite fun to read!
lets see I want to be a game developer, but I suck at programing? xD

meh thats all I can say....Hope we get along? O///x///O
Welcome to AS Clover-fields..

hope you enjoy in here.. and may i know what pic you draw ?? maybe can share it... :blushing: or what game you like..

Welcome to AS clover~

Drop by the spams and games if you want to chats~ Hmm... drawing...~ Could makes a thread to shows some of your works?~

Mordor... Flames still burning brightly?~ xD
ASF-teamへようこそ, Clover!

The ASF-community let you welcome in your new home, have lot fun with your beloved stuff/section here and of course with us, too. If you about what a or some more question(s) have, then let you not hinder come then to us, and we'll it explain, okay...?
Hello and welcome to ASF clover ~ :cheering:

Come and chat with us in the games / spam section ^^
I hope you will enjoy your stay with us here :thumbup:
Welcome to ASF clover-fields
Check the Spam or Games if you feel like it and nice to meet you.
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