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Jan 6, 2012
I've been trying to ignore it for years but the other day I finally caved and now it's got me. So I took a closer look at what's actually out there and I had expected to see plenty of stuff but what I saw blew my scrotum clear off my body. Over 200GB worth of lossy Touhou music. 4,000+ raw doujinshi. At least a hundred fan-made games! I don't understand, are there a lot of doujin circles who simply like Touhou, or is it an obsession? And how much do you guys like Touhou?
I like it, It got me....but I never played the game, just listening to arranges along with touhou characters lol
i like touhou i have a few of the games but i can only manage a stage or two in insane difficulty xDD im crap lol
I don't think it's an obsession... (unless those circles are a dedicated danmaku player, of course)

It might be just fun for the circles to 'fill in the blanks' on the characters. I mean think about it; 13 installments and a whopping 123 characters! There's no way you can go in-depth with even one character with that much space.
Thus, it calls for the doujin circles to spin 'em off~

I think Touhou games is cool. I don't love them but it's pretty fun to play. Some of the characters are actually interesting, too. My favorites are Sanae Kochiya, Alice Magatroid, and Sakuya Iyazoi :P
My friend!... You have just give a punch below the belt.

Why have you been ignoring it?, it's just awesome!!...

Touhou it is an obsession, you don't even need to play the games to love it, just get involve with the characters & story & you will eventually be kidnapped by their magic.
The quantity of content related to touhou is beyond huge, in my case i am obsessed with the music, have +900GB just of Touhou, Fuck!!... i want more!.
The characters man, the characters... Suwako, Cirno, Sanae, Maya, Patchi, Remelia, Kanako, Yukari, Suika, Yuyuko, Komachi, China, Keini, Ran, Alice, Flan, Satori, Byakuren... Gyaaaa! i having an orgasm!...
Well!... I just love it.

You have to see the OVAs of Touhou, the music is orgasmic.

Some friking themes:

mohar mohar gemme mohar!! XDDD

Now that i have calmed down, think i have revealed my dark side. XD
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