The attractor field in Steins;gate timeline is broken.......... after 9 years *dun dun dun*

its indeed a great show ~ .. fuahahahahaha~ ..

can't wait to see the movie of it ~..

el psy congroo..

gonna miss the tutturu, ~ ...

i m not a pervert ~ .. i m a perverted gentleman (something goes like that)~ ..

fumuu ~...

since the series had ended ~ . visual novel..?

the attractor field is really scary ~ ...
Delayed this cause I don't want this to end ;_;. There is still a movie b-but.....

Overall, I say the anime achieved about 80% of what the VN did. Without going into specific character routes, you don't get to see some of the consequences. You don't see two sides of the coin. The anime version cut out quite a bit of details, expositions and techno-babbles (time travel theories, IBM and etc) causing the anime not as fun for speculating as the VN (the discussion/ speculations for the VN is very intense but not going out of topic) but that is understandable. You don't want a whole episode focusing on talking heads only xD so Whitefox choose the correct choice. Considered myself sad they cut out yandere Nae in Moeka's arc which show the chain reaction of tragedies from past to future. Personally, I would like to see some of the game's insert songs used in the anime too as they are all very good. At least, they did use skyclad observer.

Conclusion, the anime is less detail than the VN due to good reasons. The VN has so much small details, finishing the whole game makes you go wow over how much attention is paid to the script and how scary every small details connect in the end. Just remember, everything in Steins;Gate is there for a reason~

El Psy Congroo!

As the latest visual novel anime adaption to come out in the anime industry, Steins;Gate goes above and beyond what many of its contemporaries have accomplished.

The main plot of Steins;Gate revolves around the experiments and activities of a certain group of friends who managed to customize their microwave into a machine that could send text messages into the past, and the resulting consequences of their actions as the organization SERN, researches on time traveling, tries to capture them.

While Steins;Gate is a science fiction story, the core of its story was always the characters and it was the science fiction elements that acted as its framework. Most of the story is built upon highly entertaining interactions, as well as wonderful character development that really manages to come through to the audience and elicit empathy. As the story goes on, one cannot help but feel the desire to root for the cast to succeed.

On the production side of things, the budget certainly could have been better, as the anime's visuals sometimes lacked the impact I felt they deserved. The audio was generally very good, but not spectacular. What really shined through though was the quality of directing. The way the camera moves around during certain climax scenes, and the use of the few stand out songs from the sound track managed to bring out the best of certain climax moments throughout the show's run.

Another thing that most certainly should not be forgotten is the quality of the voice acting in this show, especially that of Okabe's voice actor, Miyano, Mamoru. Miyano's performance in this show seriously deserves a standing ovation. The sheer emotion he managed to express in his role was chilling. It really helped in engaging the audience during key scenes.

One thing that must be appreciated in this anime is studio White Fox's ability to adapt the story well. Too many times in the anime industry have we seen a combination of poor planning, production values, and an inability to stay faithful to the source material ruin an otherwise quality source material. Coming into this anime it was hard to not be wary of the same problems arising due to its predecessor Chaos;Head being an absolutely terrible adaption.Thankfully, Steins;Gate manages to trump the usual issues of many other visual novel adaptions, earning its place as a very enjoyable anime.

Overall, while Steins;Gate is not a hard core science fiction story, it manages to bring enough intrigue plot wise while balancing out a very endearing character driven story (in one way you can say this is just a story about two starcrossed lovers). The amusing character interactions manage to make sure that the story never becomes stale, and its build up to its most shining moments always draws you in for more. Steins;Gate has it least in my book earned its way as one of the most impressive visual novel adaptions to date.

PS: The game translation is almost done :p.

nice explanation on the VN i been planning to play that since its already translated

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