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Dark Angel

Emissary Of Death
Feb 26, 2013
We are now officially opening the forum's "SOTM#35 Discussion Thread".


Discussion Thread:

You may post your questions, inquiries and suggestions here.
You may also critique and comment with the artworks here.
(You may submit your artworks in the SOTM#35 entry section.^^)

Winner shall receive a trophy from the forum's award system.
(So yeah, you also have to get the bragging rights.
Happy B'day Nick, have an great one^_^!

Edit: Shouldn't meanwhile the banner for the previously event removed be, I ask just...:reallyconfused:
The render is done, I may then faster done with the project as/than thought: Probably even tomorrow or the day after already.
I have very good ideas about this sotm,and hopefully I could make it in time :goodtea:
Good Luck to all of you but i won't participate :( i have abadone the GFX...
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Hey [MENTION=44312]Dark Angel[/MENTION];, you're though the hoster of this event. You can then Checky inform that he the old banner removing can, where then you (better said, Checky) with your own made banner replacing would...:bored:
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i don't know what to render!!!!





Well, I do hope, that you your fun finding will...xD
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