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T.T i wish there was decent art work for my favorite characters after hearing that >.<... why do i always like characters that never get artwork done...
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haha i already wish anime was rl hardly anything exciting happens irl so they are special enough as it is =D
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i dont think i will i cant really imagine who or what style i'd use for this theme...
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sorry for telling that, but each siggy we make... it's obviously we try to make the character brighter ;) So i think it's a little odd...

There's a slight difference about it. :] :) Btw, don't forget to turn off your signature.~

T.T i wish there was decent art work for my favorite characters after hearing that >.<... why do i always like characters that never get artwork done...

I'm sure you'll find a decent art work. Doesn't have to be your favorite, as long as you can put the "limelight" to it. ;]

Thanks for this, kinda gave me an idea :)

Check the text of your siggy.~^^
Anyone can give me example 'bout "Limelight" :donow:
i'm still dont understand ... :reallyconfused :reallyconfused :reallyconfused

Thanks before ...


My depiction of limelight was who you wanted to be shown, who you wanted to have "the Spotlight". Could be any character, fav character, important character, boss character, whatever.

Ibanez' explanation is almost the same as what I've mentioned before.^^

can i use image that i get from a sites and edit that image and add some decoration or anyelse became signature for SOTM contest? Sorry for my english...

Yes, you may gather images and edit those images. As long as you won't just "copy-paste" an image and just remove the name of the original maker. ;]

Where is [MENTION=297]Pinkylicious[/MENTION]; :reallyconfused:

/me hides. hahahaha. :]

Hmmmm...I wonder. I want the next SOTM already!! :P

In the next one if it something that will inspire me i will be join too!!!

I hope you will!^^

I think you will be doing just fine ;)

I think so too. :)

too late to enter?, there aren't 10 entries as of yet.

Will be closing the entries section in an hour or so.~

Nope, it's open till it closes....Damn that sounds retarded not that i think about it >_<

Hahahahaha, no worries, you got it exactly right. :) But there are times wherein the entries thread would be closed even without getting 10 entries. ;]
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