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Oct 30, 2015
Okay so um before I go on... I just wanted to let you all know that I don't know where else I should put this... I'm so sorry if it's not on right place!
:chuuni_bwaaah: And yes this RP is based on vampires and such... Anyways...~

Welcome to a world of Estyria, which is ruled by Emperor Alucard Voidshade (aka myself). The events of Estyria (which in this RP resembles a lot like Earth) takes place in far away in the future, all the way into 2110 AD. I might suck making grand RP intro's but hey... that's how I roll. xD;


Name: Alucard Voidshade
Played by: [MENTION=119207]Creng[/MENTION]; (me)
Rank: Ruler of Estyria, Emperor
Age: Unknown (Ageless)
Species: Vampire
Courteous: Often
Risk-Taking: Typically
Ambitious: Often
Curious: Typically
Self-Controlled: Typically
Nurturing: Typically
Trusting: Occasionally
Honest: Often
Loyal: Occasionally, depending mostly on current mood.
Affectionate: Typically
Romantic: Typically
Flirty: Often
Sympathetic: Sometimes
Altruistic: Never
Optimistic: Sometimes
Observant: Sometimes
Logical: Occasionally
Social: Somewhat solitary
Emotions: Controlled

Name: Lucette Marianne Gavotte
Rank: Courtier (Lady, daughter of the archduke)
Age: 22
Species: Human
Courteous: Typically
Risk-Taking: Rarely
Ambitious: Typically
Curious: Typically
Self-Controlled: Typically
Nurturing: Sometimes
Trusting: Rarely
Honest: Occasionally
Loyal: Rarely
Affectionate: Typically
Romantic: Rarely
Flirty: Rarely
Sympathetic: Sometimes
Altruistic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Typically
Observant: Sometimes
Logical: Typically
Social: Often
Emotions: Composed

Name: Genevieve "Gene" Winters
Rank: Head Nurse
Age: 22
Species: Human
Courteous: Most of the time
Risk-Taking: Harldly
Ambitious: Hardly
Curious: Can be
Self-Controlled: For the most part
Nurturing: Most of the time
Trusting: Most of the time
Honest: For the most part
Loyal: Always tries to be
Affectionate: Can be
Romantic: Hopeless romantic at heart
Flirty: Can be
Sympathetic: For the most part
Altruistic: Most of the time
Optimistic: Sometimes
Observant: Sometimes
Logical: For the most part
Social: Sometimes
Emotions: Depends

Name: Beatrice Maloughney (Ma-lock-nee)
Age: 18
Background Story

Name: Lorreta Wocket
Age: 25
Background Story: She comes from a family of inventors her family was considered the best. She’s always thinking lost in some form of reverie when she studies. When she was no more than nine, she lost her family, not to famine or war mind you. She lost them to vampires and to this day wonders why they left her alive, yet, maimed her siblings. They didn’t even touch her, perhaps they pitied her? A sobbing scrap of a child in the presence of her dead family. She’s dedicated most of her existence to locating the murderers. Stayed up night after night asking about their whereabouts whenever she heard a bit of news about them. She travels by night and studies in her home during the day. Any bit of news, or rumors she she manages to over hear about them, she either, disproves them, or finds new information about them. In her eyes many of the humans, those that chose to live in the manner, she thinks are no more than fattened cattle. Pampered and primed just to be feed to the king and his court. She finds it odd that many of the other humans are content being ruled by such creatures. Had they not remembered the days of old? Where they governed themselves?
Perhaps they had not, after all,many humans chose to stay uneducated. She knew very well the books she’d been reading were forbidden. But her father always told her, “Whatever is forbidden is something someone doesn’t want you to know. And that is when knowledge truly becomes a form of power.”

Name: Gordeau (pronounced as: "Gor-doh")
Alias: Harvester of Greed/Invincible Mercenary
Age: Unknown
Gordeau is a young man with a slightly tan complexion, purple eyes and black spiky hair with a fringe covering his left eye. He wears an unbuttoned bluish-purple jacket that exposes his well-toned torso, black pants and black boots with tan padding. His right hand possesses long, sharp claws and is the catalyst for his ability "Snatcher", although he usually keeps it in his pocket. Strangely, his left eye appears to glow.
Theme Song
Race/Species: Vampire, former human.
Abilities: Gordeau fights with the EXS of Greed called Snatcher. This power takes a form of long purple claws on Gordeau's right hand which he can use to rip out pieces of another's soul. His weapon is a hollowed scythe called Demon Sickle- Devourer, which he seems to summon out of thin air.
Personality/Background: Gordeau has a very laid-back and carefree demeanor, rarely letting anything bother him and occasionally cracking jokes at others' expense. Although even he's now part of vampire family, he still cares for his comrades and is willing to put himself in harm's way for their sake.
Height: 191 cm (6 ft 3.2 inches)
Weight: 80 kg (176,37 lbs)
Birthday: June 23rd
Blood Type: O

Name: Carmine
Alias: Crimson Origins [Carmine Prime]
Age: Unknown (you can decided his age)
Carmine is a 3rd year student in the high-school that Hyde goes to. After he awakened to his powers, he has been living just for fighting. He is a lean young man with long white hair and black eyes. He wears a black, sleeveless jacket with a fur collar, red pants with a chain attached to his pocket and black shoes. To intimidate his opponent before a battle, he turns his hair, arms, and scarlet red with his own blood.
Theme Song
Race: Vampire
Personality: Carmine's most prominent trait is his thirst for violence. Cruel, sadistic, foul-mouthed, short-tempered, and prone to maniacal laughter, Carmine is very proud of his ability and doesn't hesitate to use it to inflict as much pain as possible to anyone who "pisses him off". He will, however, not administer the killing blow if his anger is sated shown with both Hyde and Hilda in his story. To Carmine, all that matters is killing those that irritate him.
Story: Carmine's past is widely unknown, except that he has encountered Gordeau and Chaos at some point. Before he gets to Hilda, he encounters Gordeau who fights him due to Carmine being a threat. Upon reaching Hilda, they both jab insults at each other before starting the fight. After she is defeated, Hilda swears revenge on Carmine whom casually brushes off her threats. He then feels that there was someone much stronger behind the Altar and opens it despite Hilda's pleas not to.
Abilities: Carmine possesses a rare ability known as the EXS of Lifeblood called Blood Spike which makes it possible for him to control blood. He can shoot blood, slash with waves of it, crystallize blood, drain others blood and more. His weapon is of course his own blood, but goes by the name Rein Blood
Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9" )
Weight: 61 kg (134,49 lbs)
Birthday: May 8th
Bloodtype: B

Name: Chaos (Real name; Kei Asuma)
Alias: Bloodstained Chaos [Bloody Chaos]
Age: Unknown (you can decided his age)
Chaos is a very good friend of Gordeau. He does all kinds of paper work and plans for The Wildlings and rarely comes out of his own room. His personality is calm and collected, but he still often jokes around with Gordeau. Chaos also tends to be quite the worrywart when it comes to Gordeau, and he sometimes disregards blunt tactics. He is a young man with short unkempt white hair, blue eyes and wears red-rimmed glasses. His attire consists of a dark grey turtleneck shirt, an unzipped greyish-blue jacket, light grey slacks with rolled up leggings, navy blue socks and greyish-blue and white sneakers. He carries with him a brown book with a bronze clasp called "Chaos Code".
Theme Song
Race: Human
Personality: Chaos appears to have a cool, calm and calculating attitude under normal circumstances. Being a general tactician, he tends to over-analyze even the simplest of situations and doesn't view himself as a strong warrior, and as such, hopes he doesn't run any enemies that'll pose a threat to him in battle. Despite this, he shown to be quite fearless. He tends to worry about Gordeau and his rather headstrong outlook to the point that Gordeau tends to tease him about it. Chaos also tends to be very superstitious, holds himself in extremely high regard and talks down to others, acting out on his own agenda without regard from anyone else (other than Gordeau and Hilda, of course). Chaos secretly assist Gordeau and Alucard in a shadow. It was said in his profile that Chaos was once a trouble-making delinquent, who use only brute force to fight, until he redeemed himself and uses tactics to survive his fight.
Story: According to Gordeau, Chaos was once a violent youngster. Gordeau told to Hilda that he has never beaten Chaos in a fight, but Chaos says that's a lie - meaning Chaos has at least once fought and lost to Gordeau. Chaos changed his style and started to fight using intelligence instead of brute force. Chaos joined to the ranks of Alucard after Gordeau's friend had died. He took control of operating things behind the scenes. He rarely appeared before the other members and not many knew about him. Once during an operation Chaos personally appeared under the alias of "Bloody Chaos" and ever since people kept calling him by that nickname - Chaos personally doesn't like to be called by that name.
Abilities: Chaos uses a book called The Codex of Disorder, Chaos Code to command a lizard-shaped Void Beast, Azhi Dahaka. His ability is the EXS of Illusion called Umbral. He also has some form of acrobatic combat prowess to compensate for times his powers are not available and for close-quarters combat, as well as a bit of photokinesis to augment his physical blows.
Height: 174 cm (5 ft 8.5" )
Weight: 57 kg (125,67 lbs)
Birthday: December 5th
Bloodtype: A

Name: Hyde/Hyde Kido
Alias: Unknown Actor
Age: Unknown
Hyde is a 2nd year student in the same high school as Carmine. He is a young boy with black and bleached blonde hair and red eyes. He wears a dark red t-shirt under a white button-up shirt with one button loose and a red tie, a black jacket with two belts (one of them undone), black pants and shoes.
Theme Song
Race: Human
Personality: Straight-forward and strong-willed, Hyde is an individual who gives his all to any challenge before him and doesn't back down from a fight. Although normally cool-headed, he has a cocky and reckless side to him and tends to head into extremely dangerous situations. Hyde has stated that he has no desire for power and only wants to live his life like a normal person. Hyde is someone who greatly values his friends and comrades. Although he is capable of using Insulator to kill Linne, he decides to postpone doing so as he feels that she has much more to teach him. He was also hesitant to fight Orie due to the positive relationship they have.
Story: Hyde was living alone after his parents left for work abroad. One night as he was coming home late he is attacked by "the living dead" (aka the evil vampires) he had only heard rumors of, but is saved by Linne. Hyde doesn't lose his sanity and awakens to the power of EXS. Linne is amazed that the boy had the power she had searched for so long, and decides to train him. That's also when a mysterious witch (Hilda) sets her eyes on the boy. During the training time Hyde becomes a rumor on the streets as the Unknown Actor who accompanies Loretta Wocket.
Abilities: Hyde's ability is the EXS of Darkness called Void Red. This power makes it possible summon a sword called the Indulgence of Rending or "Insulator" from within his hand. The sword has a power to rend things apart, and can even be used to rip a person's existence apart.
Height: 171 cm (5 ft 7" )
Weight: 55 kg (121,25 lbs)
Birthday: April 14th
Bloodtype: O

Name: Orie/Orie Valadier
Played by: [MENTION=93850]|♚| KK |♚|[/MENTION];
Alias: Orie Harada
Age: Unknown
Rank: Executor of No. 5 [Fifth Executor]
Orie was sent on an undercover mission by Lucette Gavotte in order to keep an eye on The Wildlings' activities. At the same time she continues her studies in the same school as Hyde. Despite her devotion to the Chaosbreakers, there were times where Orie feels very shameful towards the actions of the more questionable members, leading her to sometimes handle things of her own accord, especially since she's been on the look out for one of her fellow members.
Theme Song
Race: Human
Personality: Orie is a kind-hearted young woman with a strong sense of justice. Having been rescued and trained to be able to fight The Wildlings, Orie is extremely loyal to Chaosbreakers and fights to uphold the peace and order that it brings to the world. However, although Orie does not doubt the intentions of the organization, she can't help but feel that Chaosbreakers may not be as noble as she believed due to the extremely questionable actions of some of her fellow members. She is a young woman with long blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a white hairband, a long grayish-blue dress that goes down to the bottom of her legs with bronze designs, white thigh-high stocking and silver high heels shoes.
Story: Ten years ago, her parents were brutally murdered by the The Wildlings right before Orie's eyes. Orie was then saved by a member of Chaosbreakers who brought her to their headquarters. There she learned all the basics about the things surrounding The Wildlings. She also became good friends with Lucette, Alucard and Genevieve who she met in her travels. Orie was assigned to an investigation mission by Lucette Gavotte. She headed to Japan under the alias "Orie Harada" and transferred to the same school that Hyde goes to. Her orders were to continue studies normally and at same time gather information about the new, rising organization called Zion.
Abilities: When Orie became an Executor she was given a rapier called the Ruler which she currently uses as her weapon. Rapier also goes by the name "Guardian of Law and Order". Orie's ability Thanatos is the EXS of Purity which makes it possible for Orie to materialize a spirit from the Ruler and control it like an avatar.
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Birthday: October 7th
Bloodtype: A

Name: Hilda
Alias: Glittering Darkness/The Witch of Rarity
Age: in her 200's
With great ambitions in mind, Hilda appears to be a threat, but in reality seems to be only a pawn in Alucard's future plans. She's at least 200 years old. Compared to other witches, Hilda is a young, slim woman with very long blonde hair that goes down to her ankles, and she appears to have heterochromia, her left eye is red and her right eye is grey. She wears a white and black dress, black stockings and white high heel shoes.
Theme Song
Race: Human/Witch
Personality: Hilda is very pompous, arrogant, vain, ambitious, and insists that others should either serve under her or suffer the consequences and swears revenge on those who defeat her.
Story: Hilda is one of the leaders and founders of The Wildlings, and she believes that they need brand new rules and more freedom. Several people have stated that she isn't very intelligent. Hilda appears to have a positive relationship with her subordinates both past and present. She has nothing but the utmost respect for Chaos due to how useful his intellect and careful planning is and supposedly has tried multiple times to invite him for social calls. Despite Gordeau having left The Wildlings, she still considers him a friend and asks him to come back, promising that she will also hunt down the Zion's leader with him.
Abilities: Hilda's ability, Paradox is the EXS of Light and Darkness which allows her to conjure blades out of thin air. Apparently the swords Hilda can summon should normally be shining brightly, but since she has been consuming too much existence, the swords have become black from corruption. Her weapon is the Dress of Darkness called Masquerade.
Height: 171 cm (5 ft 7" )
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Birthday: November 11th
Bloodtype: AB

Name: Linne
Alias: Princess of the Night Blade
Age: Unknown
Linne has long been searching for a legendary sword "Indulgence of Rending" to end her eternal life. Quick-minded and stoic, Linne is someone who works well at her job and is focused on her goals, not letting her emotions get in her way. Linne's current appearance is that of a young girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She wear a yellow hoodie over a black shirt that goes up her neck, black spandex shorts and black boots. Her clothing can change depending on what color palette the player chooses. For example, she'll wear thigh-high stockings, spandex pants or just nothing but the hoodie.
Theme Song
Race: Human
Personality: Linne is a stoic, aloof, and independent girl who tends to try resolving matters on her own regardless of how dangerous the situation is. Underneath, she possesses immense guilt over how, because of her ability, she has destroyed the lives of countless innocent girls, believing that only her absolute death can cease this endless cycle. Even though Hyde possesses the means to give her a true death, she feels even more guilt on how she must ask him to bear the burden of killing her on his conscience.
Story: Hundreds of years ago, Linne and her brother were used in the The Wildlings' human experiment to create new abilities. As a result Linne gained a power to transfer her consciousness from a body to another - making it possible for her to live eternally. In addition, if her host body get killed then Linne's consciousness is automatically transferred to a new body. This how she has lived her life for several tens of bodies. Linne didn't want to continue possessing and ruining the lives of unknown girls, so she searched for a way to end her eternal life. The answer Linne found was that a legendary sword called the Indulgence of Rending could rend her existence apart and end the curse she is bound to.
Abilities: Linne has the EXS of Agility called Speed Star. Linne fights using a combination of long sword and a folding knife. The long sword is called No Name because apparently the swordsmith who created the sword didn't give the sword a name and the folding knife is called Nameless simply because Linne has yet to give the knife some name.
Height: 141 cm (4 ft 7.5" )
Weight: 34 kg (74,95 lbs)
Birthday: March 18th
Bloodtype: AB
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This seems interesting!I'll try to read all of it if I find the time..and then maybe join :goodtea:
Is it some sort of Mafia Game?

Mafia? Oh goodness no. RP means "Roleplaying". And it's about a war between vampires and humans as well as what I would call a "forbidden romance" between some other vampites and humans and stuff like that. ^^ It doesn't have mafia stuff on it unless you want it to have mafia too.
Mafia? Oh goodness no. RP means "Roleplaying". And it's about a war between vampires and humans as well as what I would call a "forbidden romance" between some other vampites and humans and stuff like that. ^^ It doesn't have mafia stuff on it unless you want it to have mafia too.

RP is also mafia game but it's just like mafia without killing ;)
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