Nov 24, 2011
Didn't find anything through search besides the soundtrack, but that's TV Size.

Tried Google, and they were all deleted.

So, if I may, I'd like to request an upload of <title>.

Thank you.
I'd still prefer the single, but I'll make do with this for now until someone uploads it.

Thank you~.
I just googled "meisa kuroki wired life album DL" and there were a lot of results. The following link is one of the many. Hope it's what you're looking for!

Huh, must've been a lot of uploads after I searched then.


yay... meisa kuroki... u want the pv..?? if u want message mee~~~~
Sure, but why not just upload it as a thread so everyone else can see it too?

Anyways, can someone close this thread?

EDIT: @below: Alrighty then~.
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It would seem that all the links provided are corrupted much to my dismay after downloading several times.