1. [REQ] Kuroki Meisa - Wired Life

    [REQ] Kuroki Meisa - Wired Life

    Didn't find anything through search besides the soundtrack, but that's TV Size. Tried Google, and they were all deleted. So, if I may, I'd like to request an upload of <title>. Thank you.
  2. [REQ] Ao no Exorcist (TV Anime) ED - Take off [2PM] [FLAC]

    [REQ] Ao no Exorcist (TV Anime) ED - Take off [2PM] [FLAC]

    Hello everyone, I'd like to request this since apparently this song sounded to 'gay' to be published the normal way (source: IRC). Therefore I am requesting the completion of this song in FLAC (obviously). Greetings, MasterMeNL.