[REQ] Ciel nosurge Genometric Concert Vol.1 ~Keihan no Uta~

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Hey, I found the link for the concerto CD but I can't make a thread on Game OST thread since I don't have the privilage so I'll post it here.

Thank you for anon at /jp/ for giving me this link or perhaps ripping it himself.

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it's up now [MENTION=14547]Bay K.W. Arde[/MENTION]; [MENTION=13080]seishoujo[/MENTION]; [MENTION=43538]lapucelle012[/MENTION];


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Hiya, snowy. Thanks a lot. Are you going to release the OST too?
would love to if i could :o
I found a lossless version, but I'm having trouble getting it from the thread. I and another person tried with different emails, no luck with registering so far.
There were no signs of it being elsewhere either. sooo it may take longer
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