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Jan 8, 2012
Hey guys and gals.. I've been learking here and there for awhile and don't think I've introduced myself. Name is Tim. I'm from South Dakota and been watching anime since I was 15. I'm 31 now and spent 4 years in the Marine Corps. Because of the Corps I was able to spend 6 months in Japan and my love for anime and Japanese culture grew. I've watched plenty of anime in my days and no way I can name them all. My favorites are Crommed Shelled Regios, DBZ (first anime I've seen), Clannad, and Shuffle. Just started to watch subbed anime and slowly getting use to it. Started with Vampire Knight and loved it and now moved to Buso Renkin and finding it tough with the high action stuff. But it's a great show.
Welcome to Anime Sharing, shrekfx~!
Enjoy your stay and have fun.

Maybe you should share your experience in Japan with the others. c:
[MENTION=13146]shrekfx[/MENTION].... Try the Hentai in Here you will get used to that action REAL fast!

AND... Nice to meet you!~
Welcome into the base camp of AS., shrekfx!

This is from now your new battlefield, search here new ally's ...
Thanks.. And funny on the Henti. LOL Anywho. Japan is awesome if you haven't been there. They don't act like they do in most animes everyone watches. They do get carried away with cosplay. Most restaurants do not use forks :) I had to learn the way of the chop stick real fast and I'm almost an expert. I can pick up most anything with it and can cut soft stuff with them. Hmm What else does anyone want to know?

I highly recomend visiting though someday. Be for warned, Tokyo is very very expensive. Oh, and they love their vending machines.
Welcome to AS shrekfx :D! i hope you enjoy your stay !!!
hellos shrekfx..welcome to AS forum:hi:

nice selection of anime man:thumbup:

busou renkin? yeah..that's a good anime..made from the maker of samurai X right? the characters
pretty cool too..especially Tokiko senpai.:bigeyes:..i guess kazuki is a matching man for her:dthumbup:
Thanks. ya it's great. I think what i'll do is change my sig to what ever anime I'm watching at the time. Or try to. :) It's great though. Not sure what one to watch next. I have 3 sources I watch my anime from so I know I have a lot to go.
ooohh...there she is...:eek:...nice sig cool as always with that scar in her nose

and busou renkin Valkyrie skirt...:gotidea:....hmm how 'bout sword art online man?
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hey shrekfx

welcome to the forums :p

as nawi said I recommend Sword Art Online

the best anime this year imo :p
hi shrekfx~welcome to AS

nice to meet you~

drop by the spam games section if you'd like

hope you enjoy this forum and have fun eating samy^^
Cool. I found that out after doing some research and trying to download it but having issues. :(
No.. just real slow downloads, like 20kbs cuz i was trying the free, tried to sign up but my bank is blocking gater. The anti fraud department called me so that was awesome LOL.
Welcome to ASF, [MENTION=13146]shrekfx[/MENTION].
Have fun in the forum.

Cool, another Marine join the Dark Force us.
I'm sure [MENTION=27120]DavRoc777[/MENTION] would like to chat with you, since he's a Marines.
What are you doing in the Corps, and which MCRD did they threw you in?
Welcome to ASF, [MENTION=13146]shrekfx[/MENTION].
Have fun in the forum.

Cool, another Marine join the Dark Force us.
I'm sure [MENTION=27120]DavRoc777[/MENTION] would like to chat with you, since he's a Marines.
What are you doing in the Corps, and which MCRD did they threw you in?

I went to San Degio for boot.. Been out since 2004 and was stationed with the 1st Bn, 7th Marine Div in 29 Palms, CA. I was a cook, but mostly did baking.. Loved it..
Honestly, I envy you military guys(and gals).
I did apply to join my country's Territorial Army(it's similar like your National Guard - weekend warrior) few years back, but got rejected due to health reason.
Now I just relive my dream in airsoft and paintball.

Here's a few of my rigs:

I'm planning to buy me the MTV when the price drop, to replace the OTV.
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Word [MENTION=13146]shrekfx[/MENTION], I joined 2 years ago I went to Parris Island for boot and I'm in New River, NC -_-'. I'm a Aviation Technician for V-22's.
Welcome, nice sig, I forget who that is but I think I watched that show before, keep it up.
I'm trying to think of her name now, but it's the chick from Buso Renkin.
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