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Ehh not really... You can trade anything you want~ My offer is a drawing~ You could make your own offer of say.... a poem or something along those lines? Trading physical objects would be troublesome though since.... time limitations for the assignment...
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Lol xD It was just a suggestion...~ Could be anything else that could just be sent..~
Hmm... You're saying anything Samy - even drawings and so, at least with art? Because like Dawn I did never what litarature-art made, where then...
samy onii can i trade you anime character sketching ? If you don't mind, I send that scan by tomorrow :thumbup: I need to learn how to use my scanner :sowwy:
Hmm well teacher said that I cant go and modify whatever I get from trades so this wont be part of the assignment ;p Which basically means no deadline? Trading away a piece of paper will be troublesome xD Has to get something done by thursday..~

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