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Apr 21, 2013
Hi everyone, I'm ibanezs470dx or iban for short. I like anime and watch on a regular basis and enjoy light graphics work :) . Excited on meeting new peoples here :D
ASF-teamへようこそ, ibanezs470dx!

The ASF-community let you welcome in your new home, have lot fun with your beloved stuff/section here and of course with us, too. If you about what a or some more question(s) have, then let you not hinder come then to us, and we'll it explain, okay...?

Notice: If you really graphics stuff like, then move to "Graphics Showcase" section: There can you your own artworks (Randomly e.g.: Siggy's, Avas etc.) post, or from some other artists the works see/watch... - Enjoy it...:goodtea:~>
Welcome to AS ibanezs~

Hmm... yeah show off a bit of work~ x3

Drop by the spam/games if you have time~
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is it possible to re-up version 24.02 update from this ?
this link should have the correct update

sorry for the complicated request
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Hi Shine,
Could you please re-upload RJ438225 Part 4 on Mexa? Thank you.
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Hi Could you upload additional illustrations for RJ01174340?
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reup please *click*