Mirai - Kyoukai no Kanata Render


Apr 21, 2013
Was requested at another site I frequent at and I couldn't find a rendered verson so I decided to learn how to render. This is my first render btw and I thought it would be a waste of like 2-3 hours work if it was only used once so here, I'll post for everyone to use. Of course usual rules apply, don't say it was your work, don't use commercially without some credit (if you use it personally no credit is needed). I left the artist's name on the render so credits to him/her/it as well.

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Please reupload, thanks
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Hi, could you please reupload this on mexashare? https://x.gd/gkCHm 
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Hi, RJ01095149,RJ01088358 links are dead , could you please reupload?
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Can you reup this one going for the circle collection.
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Hello, I double request of Jarro about grand libra academy links at mexashare. Thank you for your work and have a comfy day.