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Oct 17, 2012
Could some kindly Moderator help a bit with the Spam Section's LPW bookkeeping?

Normally, the current LPW (Last Post Wins) is stickyed, while older, finished LPWs are unstickyed and closed.

Unfortunately, the bookkeeping on the LPWs has fallen a bit behind.

The current LPW # 184 needs to be stickyed.

The previous LPW # 183 needs to be closed.[lpw-183]-unicorns-1211326/

The older LPW # 182 needs to be unstickyed and closed.

Thank you very much for your help!

BTW, normally, a moderator is mentioned in the first post of a new LPW, so they can handle all the sticky details of an LPW changeover. Which Moderator should be mentioned, so they can handle the details?

Thanks again!
Thanks, Shine!

Would it be okay to mention you, when the next LPW change over happens?
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