[LPW # 184] Mama Weer All Crazy Now!

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Oct 17, 2012
Congrats [MENTION=262447]CowSlayer69[/MENTION]; on winning the last LPW!


And thank you for letting me make this new LPW! :samuraihero:

I guess weer all crazy now! ;)


The Rules:

1. No multiple posts.
2. Post # 187 will win the LPW.
3. The winner can create a new LPW or pass the honor to another member.

I'm temporarily suspending the old rules 4 & 5, until LPW traffic warrants them again.
The Masked Singer Season 8 Finale last night was amazing!

The Harp easily won the whole thing! Amber Riley (The Harp) was on fire from the first episode all the way to the championship!

Would a sword be more useful than a gun for walking through a city full of zombies?
One of my city’s public officials is under investigation for lying on camera.

My pillow talks.... But then, she's my waifu. :fullblush:
I tinkered with my lawnmower for about four years and now it has 450 horsepower.
One good way of studying other cultures is through their classical native dances.

I didn’t know how to answer when the interviewer asked me if I have ever lied before.
I think we’re lost because we’ve walked by the same place 72 times now.
"Why did you get such a low grade on that test?" "Because of absences. I mean, the kid who sits next to me was absent."
Superman then asked Aquaman the most serious question, "Do we have enough time to go on the waterslides again?"
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