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Getting a new car came with a lot of mixed feelings...

Not to mention bad memories.

It felt GOOD to (after so many years of grinding) finally have something nice.

But also at the same time... I couldn't forget all the HORRIBLE things people said in the past..

Moving over 1,000 miles away from home, and surviving all on my own.
Being poor.
Living out of an old car.
2 GHETTO AF motels (complete with roaches, that would crawl on you at night).
And a halfway-house with ex convicts, fresh outta prison.

But steadily working and keeping my nose to the grind stone, and seeing something in my hands that's actually NICE.

It feels like an accomplishment.

I thank God everyday that I'm even still alive.
When I was young, I didn't care about what I ate, but now I do and I always add a little less sugar than the recipe calls for because my doctor told me that I'm at risk for diabetes.
Okita-kun became interested in atomic nuclei when he was an elementary school student, and now he's working as the nucleus of this team.
I was interested in the subject, so I took careful notes during the lecture on the history of sabres.
The convict was released after serving a fifteen-year prison term, but he had nowhere to go.
It is difficult for people from differing language and cultural backgrounds to communicate well with each other.
As the dental hygienist told me to open my mouth I saw a flash of white teeth from her tanned face.

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To y'all, he's been gone for a while now. Like, for years. When he'll be back? Who knows.

I'm just here to tell you, save your breath.
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the 「Clear Girlー無色透明彼女ー」 has a fix patch was uploaded. could you reupload it plz?ー無色透明彼女ー-rj01093304.1489533/
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Hello there. Can you please upload this?

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[Request] [RJ01110786]【巨根裏垢Keyくん。】マスクの下が見たい?じゃあ……ここにDMして

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Hi, RJ323169 RJ328721 RJ342268 links are dead, could you please reupload these?