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He was terminated during his probation period because he tried to smuggle heroin on a business trip.
Air conditioning on the insides of one's home during cold weather... :casserole:
The reasonable man adapts to his environment, the unreasonable man demands the environment adapt to him.

Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

My company's profits soared 70% over last year and I played an important part in achieving that.

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jike1233 wrote on Shine's profile.
情欲の古式マッサージ店 can you update it to v 1.9.4.The rest room only work on this version.
apr544 wrote on Ryzen111's profile.
hi, could you reupload this game to mexa?
Sakashita Taro wrote on Ryzen111's profile.
Can you re-upload this, please?

I need Original Sound Track, but the link to Mexashare seems to be dead...
maxpower1122 wrote on Shine's profile.
ntraholic 4.2.1c Could you pls reupload this? Apreciate:)
TasogareHentai wrote on Shine's profile.
Sorry for distrurbing, but can you please reupload this game? Thanks in advance.