Konichiwa Mirage-san Desu :)

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May 12, 2015
Konichiwa Minna-san :)

My name is Tiffany. I've been avid anime and manga fan for 17 years at the age of 12. Sailor Moon was my first anime and later manga became my second love after :D I don't have any specific favorite genres as long as the story and characters' are interesting. I also love to play video games (mostly on ps3), listen to Jpop and Kpop.

Although this is my first time here at Anime Sharing, I'm looking forward to make an acquaintance with all of you fellow members ;)
Welcome to the ASF Forum Tiffany ! same here for me.......Sailor Moon is the Goddess that started it all :nyanmusu_happy: well....have fun and enjoy your stay ! :nekopara_hi:
Hi! MirageRose. Nice to meet you.
Welcome to ASF!(・∀・)ノシ
Welcome to AS Tiffany~

Hmm... anime.... been watching sailor moon and dbz for who knows how long but it was all just cartoons to me way back then xD Later learned it was categorized anime... (aka cartoons to the japanese but oh well....) xD

Drop by the spam and games if you have time~
Well, welcome to your new sanctuary called ASF MirageRose!

Have a lot fun with the stuff of here, and enjoy your free time also with us, okay^_^?
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