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hentai-sharing net 190705com3d2-夜伽クラス-vol-24-『マスタープレイメイド&変態恥/

Keep in mind that this version is only for the COM3D2 three personalities, not even for the basic three from cm3d2. Kinda sad :(
Anybody else feel like KISS games are not getting the love it needs anymore:(. When CM3D2 cam out there was so much hype till the end. COM3D2 is also pretty good but its not getting love it deserves else we would have pages of discussion by now
@Hellfire I am getting "There is data at end payload" error when decompressing yotogi 24 plus. Could you provide link for cm3d2 version seperately
Hey Y'all! I thought I'd share my cookbook, you can find it pasted within in a certain bin at Z6qkqJ08. I added 24 plus earlier today.

Thank you so much. May God bless you.

It's also nice to see you back with the recipe. :)
Hi, is anyone able to reupload these collab DLC's? They've been taken down from Maou's list
Raspberry Cube
Minikui Mojika no Ko
Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato
Alicesoft - Evenicle 2 Set
Hey guys I updated my Cook Book with a new recipe. It has the new costume/shop vol1 pack. Enjoy!

Are the events includeed in the COM3D2 version? Because there is nothing about them in the patch notes
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