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    I... just can't do multi-effects processors and all that, lol, call me a pedal snob, but that's just me.

    Yeah, they're very nice, and a solid alternative from Epiphone's (which are not all that bad, really). The 7-8 String guitars were exactly what I was talking about, actually, lol. Not my thing.
    Any particular strings you're partial to? I like DR, Rotosound, and Pyramids; the latter are reeeeeally nice strings.
    I tried out several brands. While most of them were nice in their own way, they didn't quite have "it", I guess. As my ears started to develop even more, that also complicated things by making me pickier. I probably checked out more pickups than anything else, guitar wise... except maybe pedals.

    Agile's are GREAT for their price range, though I haven't played one in several years, so I don't know how the quality is, these days. If you wanted to bite the bullet, I HIGHLY recommend the LP-copies with the 3/4" maple cap and ebony fretboard, though I found that their selection of those isn't as varied as it was when I bought mine. They started leaning more towards the "metal" guitars, which look fugly, so I found that pretty disappointing.
    Pickups are a HUGE deal to me. There's a sound in my head I strive for, and pickups will get you there more than $1000+ mahogany.

    I gave the push-pull thing a shot a long time ago, but I wasn't into it. I blame the pickup, though, as that had more to do with it than anything. I might try it out again, someday.

    Btw, if I'm going to recommend pickups, it's all about Bare Knuckle! I've got Riff Raffs, Mississippi Queens, and Black Dogs (that looks weird when I read it) and all are fantastic! What pickups do you like?

    I hear ya, getting out the soldering iron is part of the fun of improving sound. But... No, I don't enjoy that more than playing, lol, but it's cool to do.

    There's a multitude of nice, cheaper off-brands. I used to go with Agile, for awhile. Epiphone can be nice, if you set them up properly and upgrade the hell out of them.
    I think if I were to go name-brand to spend a little more, it'd probably be Fender. I don't have a Fender, anymore, though, (G&L Tribute) but I miss the one I had.
    I'm not a car junkie, so I'll take your word for it. As for the vintage PIO caps, nah, you just gotta no which off-brands to buy around the $10-15 range! :D

    I can't argue with your reasoning, that's what the extra cash is for!

    We are very different in that regard, than. As long as it functions good, I'm cool with it. I mix shit with guitars to see the results. I will say that only suckers buy Gibson brand parts, outside of maybe the pickups (which are even more overpriced than they used to be!). When it comes to other things, like the boob one you mentioned, yeah, that's the sort of shit that'll irritate me. Like, right now, I'm battling an aliasing issue that has presented itself since NEO was installed, and it is a pain! -_-

    lol, no worries, I appreciate thought out, longer responses!
    Honestly, man, lol, all those prices sound like overspending/overkill! What else do you need that kind of power, for? A lot of Intel guys overclock their $200-300 CPUs and get great results. All I can say is that I'll never spend $500+ for a CPU; that's outrageous.

    And why Intel/Nvidia? I'm fairly certain that the whole AMD+Radeon Vs. Intel+Nvidia combos was bullshit. I don't think it makes any difference if you mix the CPU/GPU combos, and like I said, that whole theory was debunked, years ago.
    ...Of course, I could just be reading too deeply into what you said, lol!
    Jeez, sounds like you're ready to fork out the cash. I'm currently running with an FX-8370 and a recently acquired MSI GTX-1060 6GB. It'll be awhile, but I think I'll eventually make the jump to an Intel processor. It just feels like AMD has run its course, and isn't up to snuff with Intel processors.
    I don't know, though, are their latest processors a step in a new, more promising direction?
    I know how ya feel. I had just gone through a pretty productive period, as far as pictures and creating/updating girls, but right now I'm really struggling with what to come up with. Plus, to be more relevant to what you were saying, there's quite a bit of unfinished work I left sitting in the Studio.

    Why do you have to wait around to build a new pc? What kind of gpu, etc., are you planning to grab, out of curiosity?
    Ahh, I see. Well, some crucial ones like ShortcutsHS (Neo) and the StudioAddon are available, but yeah SkinTexMod, GgMod, and a few others still need some updates.
    The movie maker wasn't as big a deal, to me, since I only deal with photos/comics. Seems fun, though.
    Sure sounds illegal, to me. I remember in my old job the asshole boss would change the schedule on me, without informing me, only to call me and ask why I'm not at work. Such a dick move.
    Never had that issue again with the next boss, thankfully.

    Oh yeah, which mods?
    Oops, sorry for the late reply! Hey man, no worries, life happens.
    Man, that's rough. HS is a lot of fun, though, so hopefully you get some relaxation time sooner rather than later!
    Ahh, well, that's simple enough. Thanks for the link, cool to see the thread up!
    Oh, it's crazy good, though I do miss some settings/effects that aren't included in this version.

    Nope, I've been too busy to bother looking for all that, ha ha. How about you?

    Nice, good to know!
    Been meaning to ask this, but I'm guessing you've been using the new ReShade 3.0, right? If we were on HF, I'd suggest make a thread about it and for sharing settings, but on here...
    Still kinda feel like a stranger, in that regard. Anyway, I grabbed it a couple days ago and have been pretty damn impressed!
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