I want to build a really good PC any advice???

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Aug 8, 2011
This thread wont help Just me, anyone who needs Advices about this will be, helped!!! TY for your Post!!!:)
I think you're post is anemic. . .
Please post more info like your budget, how are you gonna use your computer [is it for gaming, multimedia etc.],
any components you have in mind?
Stuffs like that.

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You gotta need to know what spec would you like your PC to have, and how much you willing to blow spend your money for it.
After that we could suggest you on what would suitable for you.

Anyway good luck to you. :)
As the two before me said we need more info from you as in budget, what you do with your PC, Then if you have any preferences towards certain companies like Intel over AMD or Nvidia over ATI.

Once we get this info we can then help you out better. :)
If you want the best performance avaible go for intel. if you want a good cost-performance-ratio go for AMD.
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If you want the best performance avaible go for intel. if you want a good cost-performance-ratio go for AMD.
This actually depends on where you live: I recently found out that in France Intel blows AMD out of the water prise wise.
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It all comes down to budget really. Do you really want the best? or do you want a cost performance ratio just like what tudelu stated. And does it have to be now? If no and yes ill be willing to PM you some of the builds i make up if your interested.
Well.. and more exactly where you live. But you can order the parts from internet.

My opinion if youwant for games you can use :
~AMD CPU Phenom II 965 Black Quad Core Processor Black Edition, SOCKET AM3- it is around £106.42.
~AsRock N68C-S UCC GF7025 DDR2x2/DDR3x2 AM2+ M-ATX Motherboar - N68C-S UCC -cost around £35.47.
~Corsair 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz XMS3 Memory Kit CL9 1.6V - cost around £67.95 Ex VAT.
~ ATI FirePro V4800 Graphics Card - 100-505606 - cost around £117.12.
...and there you have a desktop computer.:)
And with this you can play games for at least 4 years from now on... I mean good games with high requestments. And you can use it for multimedia too.. for example you can use all Adobes software's , Pinnacle Studio, Magic Studio , and many others. and it will be pretty fast when you running lot's of programs. :) all that left to have it will be a big HDD.
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That last post by Ryuji was just a serious ownage description of a serious computer!

Yeah somewhere along there. But do some homework, look around, compare, consult etc. You'll get it all together.
Right you have Will. For example i have to work 5-6 months to get that computer :)). And i always go fr AMD because is cheper than intel ( here in Romania ) and i think it is in other countries too. Now, how everyone say's is all about the $$$ :)) .
Well i'm a PC hardware technician, once you get the money ready send me a PM with your budget and what you need the pc for, and if you can add a link of your local store so i can help you to pick the best parts.

If you don't use your PC to game you don't really need a powerful CPU, just one with an IGP strong enough to play back 1080p videos, like the AMD Fusion line APU (nicknamed Anime Processing Units in 4chan/g/).
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