How to play Japanese Visual Novels and PSP games in English.

I found this really cool software made by jichifly that plays Japanese Visual Novels in English. It's called "Visual Novel Reader," aka. VNR. I found about this from Sakimichi. It's really awesome. Honestly. The program is so easy to use. Here is an example of how it looks.




Amazing, right? :D


Here is the download link.

Tutorial by Sakimichi

Web Tutorial by Sakimichi

Wiki Info



Download this Eng-Jap/Jap-Eng offline dictionary for VNR. It's called ATLAS. This is the best translator out of all of them. It is offline and the most accurate one but it's not perfect. I will leave a download link for this dictionary/translator. VNR Comes with pre-installed internet translators and if you want offline translators, then you should download:

-> Kondesha JBeijing V7

-> Kingsoft FastAIT All Professional Edition

-> Inventec Dr.eye

-> ChangShin Soft ezTrans XP


Get it from here if you can't afford it. (The file will not open unless you use WinRAR or 7Zip. Copy the Crack into the program file directory after you installed the setup trial. Do not open the program until you have copied the Crack file's content in to the ATLAS file directory and then you're done).

(Password: gWB3P1f6SggP7r2VoR03J_eypJRQSF6CwCrCKqbiRxg)


Buy it from here.


Remember to:

-> Download all these files:

* UniDic.7z
* CaboCha.7z
* Visual Novel Reader 50509.7z
* Visual Novel Reader 50515.7z

-> Run as administrator every time you open VNR.
-> Use the taskbar and rick click the VNR icon to open and mess around with VNR
-> Fix your language settings:

* Settings >Downloads > Dictionaries (download the dictionaries you need. Also, I suggest that you download and install ATLAS dictionary before you get VNR).
* Settings > Translations > Translators

-> Extract "Visual Novel Reader 150509.7z" and "Visual Novel Reader 150515.7z" together by pressing Extract Here using WinRAR or 7Zip.
-> Put the folders that are located in CaboCha.7z and UniDic.7z and extract them into Visual Novel Reader > Libraries > Dictionaries.

Last but not least, remember to set your region on your computer to Japanese. How to do that?

Go to Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative tab (top-right corner of Region and Language windows box) > Change System Locale > Japan (Japanese) > OK

Then, your computer will restart after pressing OK and you're finished with that.

I hope this guide helped you out.
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Shouldn't this be in the miscellaneous section?

[MENTION=3]Checkmate[/MENTION] [MENTION=4]corocoro[/MENTION] [MENTION=2]Ignis[/MENTION] [MENTION=11]girlcelly[/MENTION] [MENTION=93850]|♚| KK |♚|[/MENTION] [MENTION=112354]velka[/MENTION]
Shouldn't this be in the miscellaneous section?

[MENTION=3]Checkmate[/MENTION] [MENTION=4]corocoro[/MENTION] [MENTION=2]Ignis[/MENTION] [MENTION=11]girlcelly[/MENTION] [MENTION=93850]|♚| KK |♚|[/MENTION] [MENTION=112354]velka[/MENTION]
It looks potentially useful for a wide range of users and not just otoge players. Moved to the tech section instead and made it sticky.
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It looks potentially useful for a wide range of users and not just otoge players. Moved to the tech section instead and made it sticky.

It does. :D Thanks so much for your help, Ignis! Thank you for moving those threads for me.
can u send link? im new to this

use this
and personally I use chiitrans lite to do the parsing

so lunch the psp emulator (preferably 0.9.8 or 0.9.9), then use ithvnr to hook the text and that's it.

If vnr hooks the text so can ithvnr (at least it did with all the games I tested) bear in mind that you won't be able to hook all the games, it depends on the engine they use and the game itself. For example 428 〜封鎖された渋谷で〜 doesnt work.
There are several Visual Novel Reader alternatives that are not bad either.

Chiitrans Lite is a free and open source translation aggregator that supports many visual novels and translation tools.

ITHVNR is another free and open source translation aggregator that works well with many visual novels.

I can also recommend employee productivity tracker software
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I remember I tried ATLAS some...20 years ago, and it was so bad I learnt japanese just to never use it again.
Cool story bro, some would say if I didn't type this from my home in Tokyo now, yeah.
It was just THAT bad at translation, often leaving some...hard...kanji untranslated, or just translating the word wrong(prolly they tried to implement all the various meanings guessing, and miserably failed)
Machine translators are...bad, just remember it, my pure girls. If you believe this works - IT DOESN'T
You can see it even in the videos, where 何者だ is translated to "What" or "What is?", while it should be "Who is it?" or something along those lines.
Machine translators are BAD.

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