By now, most if not all of you must have heard how the Megaupload takedown has caused an indirect domino effect to most other major file hosting services. For people like us involved in content sharing and downloading, this ultimately means inconvenience caused by dead links among other things. More details about this have been discussed here. In relevance with our Fortune Arterial translation project, we have also taken the liberty of providing the game via XDCC for those having problems obtaining a copy. More details here. What does this have to do with XDCC? Lately, we have been seeing posts/comments/messages asking us to reupload certain ASL releases. Normally, we would just reupload the requested files, but with the current...
I found this really cool software made by jichifly that plays Japanese Visual Novels in English. It's called "Visual Novel Reader," aka. VNR. I found about this from Sakimichi. It's really awesome. Honestly. The program is so easy to use. Here is an example of how it looks. Amazing, right? :D READ EVERYTHING TO MAKE SURE YOU'RE DOING IT RIGHT. Here is the download link. Tutorial by Sakimichi Web Tutorial by Sakimichi Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 - Advanced Old tutorial for advance features of VNR Adding words to ATLAS PSP Otome games and compatibility notes Wiki Info -> Dictionaries Download this Eng-Jap/Jap-Eng offline dictionary for VNR. It's called ATLAS...
Hello everyone~ If you're reading visual novels and depend on translation programs and text hookers, here's a small guide into the new ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) that has been developed. I'll update more if there are people who need help with other things. For now, I'll just show the basics of ITH and a few things about Translation Aggregator (TA). I'm sure there are people who use Chiitrans. That's also another choice, but this thread will focus more on ITH and Translation Aggregator. --- Updated: 16 September 2014 (EST) A solution to the game Wolf RPG. If you have a similar game, then scroll to the bottom of this post, labelled "Solution to Wolf RPG", to find the solution. Updated: 18 December 2017 Thanks to Frankincense...
Since I like to watch my anime on my 50 tv, I had to find a way to get files to work with my apple tv since that is the way I like to watch videos and movies. Took me a little bit to get things to work right and I think I have the settings correct.. I had to convert the .MKV files to a .MP4 file. If you have a jailbroken apple tv, some .MKV may work but in my case, most won't. I use hand break for the program that converts it for you, including getting the subs on there as well. So far I haven't seen a mismatch in subs to sound or sound to video. I also haven't seen a loss in quality as well. Try it out and see if it works for you, and if something is not working right, let me know so I can update the tut. FYI, i have never made...
The Preface When I first come to the eroge world, I've always wondered how do people rip the encrypted CG out of the package files. I've come to learn that the easy way is to use ExtractFile or Crass to do it. Unfortunately, not all the eroge works with those two overpopular software, especially newer title, so I tried to google the way to rip CG. Unfortunately, most of the tutorial is in Chinese. However, I've come across a blog from a person called Haibara, although most of his blog is in Chinese, some very useful article were available in English. So I've decided to trial and error with his guide, and here I am, writing an introduction to Ripping and Processing CG. The Intro isn't about just ripping the CG and dumping...

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If you don't mind, could you re-upload this file with rapidgator?
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Hello. Can you upload the video from Yuluer of Sushang? please
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