How old is too old? :)


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Feb 24, 2012
There's this girl I work with (well I can't really call her a girl cause she's... much older than me...). She's pretty and really friendly/nice to me as well. She gave me a nickname and everything ~ now, the problem is... she's 10 years older than me kekekekkeke (born on June 16th 1982 ). I just started thinking, how old is too old? Just to make things clear, I have no interest in getting romantically involved with her (she has no interest in me as well, more like an older sister, little brother relationship). I just want to know the max age gap people are okay with.
Edit: WOW, I'm super retarded ... Can't believe I put this in the community section, it's 1 AM here (that's still no excuse for such stupidness )
Could a mod move this to general section~? Please and thank you.
I will say my view on the subject and it is not THE max age gap because there is no max age gap. But if I were to date a girl, she would have to be 2 years older or 2 years younger than me. I am sorry if I did not answer your question because I do not speak for the entire human species.
I would say theres no too old since im sure people all have their preferences xD
Guys usually look for younger women and girls look for guys that could support her (statistically speaking)
I would prefer if the girl is around my age :/
Truth be told, I don't view age difference as something significant. Age difference shouldn't really matter. All subjective opinion. If you love that person, then you love that person. If you don't, you don't.

If you really care, watch some Jerry Springer. XD
How old is too old? Hm... There is not such a thing as too old. As long as you love the person and she loves you then I think your relationship can work out. My dad is 11 years older than my mom and they're not even divorced (I'd stop them with all of my guts if that happens anyway :P) and we still are a pretty good family. Well, in your case, the girl is older but does that really matter? Go for it man, if you really love the girl. ;)
I think it pretty much depends on individual preferences

There is no such thing as too old

As for me I prefer girls close to my age
Age doesn't matter.

...While the above answer's very generic, the truth value it holds are full to the dot.
Firstly, when we want to get a lover, we think about what we want, not who we want. Do I want a caring, motherlike partner because I, say, had a miserable childhood? I'll probably look for an older girl. Do I want a fun person and generally fun to have around? I'll pick a younger girl. Am I a lolicon? Then I'll visit the nearest grade school and fetch some.

All kidding aside, provided that you and your age-gaped partner well understand each other, even a 10 years gap shouldn't pose a problem, nevermind what the others say. Although, I think 10 years is a bit too much...
this matter is up to you what to decide...when it comes to loves somebody age is doesnt matter...but if only you really love her..
When I read the title, my mind already have the answer: You become old when you stop having fun.
That is until I READ the content. Silly ol' me.

1982, by my standard, she ain't that old. But that is from someone who came out in 1979.
Personally, I like the idea of having my girlfriend or wife who is younger than my sisters. I would like to see their faces when they found out that their Onee-sama-in-law is younger then them. Mwuahahaha.

OK, back to topic.
It's not the age gap that usually the problem. It's usually the OTHER people's perspective of the relation.
My advice, search your feeling and ask yourself, do you like her/him or not. Love know no boundaries.

Well, that's an advice from someone who haven't know love, yet.
Yes, the difference between ages shouldn't be the problem. Conservative values maintained by society are what usually make us think there's something wrong with this kind of relationship.
I would also suggest you to ask her out if you also think age gaps don't matter... Better than regret it later.
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Only thing that matters is love imo...They say love makes blind....that might be true...or maybe it actually makes you see.
Waitwaitwaitwait. [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]

Correction: Love is blind NOT love makes blind. :)

Love is blind because you can fall in love with anyone no matter the age or the looks. :)
Waitwaitwaitwait. [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]

Correction: Love is blind NOT love makes blind. :)

Love is blind because you can fall in love with anyone no matter the age or the looks. :)
Oh oh okey, well in that case following your rhetoric, "they say love is blind...but maybe it actually can see better than any of us" :)
Ohohohoho. [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]

That's EXACTLY it. Glad to help the ya and sunflower improve your views in love. xD
You and GenKi really... are hitting it off~ XD
Ohohohoho. [MENTION=25661]GenKiDan[/MENTION]

That's EXACTLY it. Glad to help the ya and sunflower improve your views in love. xD
Thanks I appreciate it, but I don't view much, consider me blind, I try and trust love to do all the seeing for me :P Where's the sunflower ???
You and GenKi really... are hitting it off~ XD
You Tease~
Don't worry, no one will ever steal me from you ;j
He do not age, it is the dream of man. I wish I would stay young forever
personally, i prefer women within a max range of 5 years. i'm pretty young adult at the moment(19), so i'd have to say i wouldn't go out with a woman younger than 17 probably. i'm not really a lolicon type, and lack attraction to women who are not fully developed, and full. I can tell a woman from a girl just by looking at them most the time.
Age doesn't have to matter..It depends on what the couple wants
out of the relationship.. If it is a casual relationship you're in it for the campanionship, togetherness and fun.. relax and enjoy and learn from one another... Then on the other hand age may be a problem if the couple wants the relationship to lead to a
promising future..then I say the maturity level of both people as
well as age becomes very important...
To me its when u start to feel that ur inner self is aging , by the time u know it it may be too late to say whether u r old enough or not...

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