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Nov 14, 2013
Thanks for let me be a member of Anime-Sharing. I will share with you my animes collection
ASF-teamへようこそ, [MENTION=77330]jonesT[/MENTION];!

The ASF-community let you welcome in your new home, have lot fun with your beloved stuff/section here and of course with us, too. If you about what a or some more question(s) have, then let you not hinder come then to us, and we'll it explain, okay...?

Notice: Then want you a Uploader be? Well, then read to first the rules (is linked!) about this, okay? Because then gives it no problems later...:goodtea:~>
Welcome to AS jonesT~

Drop by the spam/games if you have time~

Hmm... yeah like shi said~ Need to be an uploader before you can shares~
OuO always to have more on the site and supporters. 8D I will be seeing your posts in varies of topics.
Hello and welcome to ASF jones ~ :cheering:

Come and chat with us in the games / spam section ^^
I hope you will enjoy your stay with us here :thumbup:
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