Hello everyone~

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Mr. Fabulous / 神様
Nov 3, 2010
Hey, AntiClimax here~

It's been a while since I last check any progress on when AS will actually be on, but I guess I was patient enough. xD
My friends and people I know around another forum call me Anti/AC.

I love playing VN and uploading OST when possible. I hope I can contribute with it later on.

Nice to meet you all~ ^^
Welcome !! Yorishiku . Just another leecher ~ DTB is awesome
Welcome to AS, AntiClimax. ^^

Sure, add whatever you have for the betterment of this great place. :)
Hello AC~
Welcome to AS ^^
Hope to see you around the forum :D
Nice too meet you all~
Hmm... Sharing my time around here and another forum won't be easy I guess xD
Welcome, hope you enjoy your stay and just contribute as much as you could :D
Hi anticlimax,
I rem you O:
Well welcome to AS dude~
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