Good News, Bad News


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Nov 24, 2013
For the post above yours, state the good news and the bad news. It doesn't matter which comes first. Get creative, You can be as random as you want so long as it's vaguely related to the post above yours.

For example:

Poster 1
Good News: I bought the first volume of Log Horizon on BD.
Bad News: The disc actually contains episodes of Sword Art Online.

Poster 2
Bad News: You don't like SAO.
Good News: It was the last volume your friend, who likes SAO, needed to complete her collection.

Poster 3
Bad News: Her Blu-ray player broke.
Good News: She's getting a PS4 for Christmas.​

I'll start.

Good News: I won a million dollars.
Bad News: I lost it all in Vegas.
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Good News: You still have another million dollars.
Bad News: The mafia is after you.
Bad News: Not only is it the mafia, it's the yakuza.
Good News: They just want you to buy their anime.

(this isn't that hard, folks.)
good news: new technology allows you to resurrect pets for 1 billion dollars
bad news: after taxes, you can't afford it
Good News: The company that sells the tech is willing to give you a discount
Bad News: They're closed today.
good news : infa pet can be ressurected..

bad news : he must sell his pc for paying tax
Bad news- The pc was dropped~
Good news- The bank was willing to lend you some money~
bad news; bank tax is 20%/ years...

good news : [MENTION=76366]chiru[/MENTION]; will be assurance.......
Bad News: It going to be new year soon...
Good News: It's going to be Christmas holiday soon... :runhappy:
Wait? Wha... :shocked:
Why I'm becoming assurance? [MENTION=7722]Second_Flight[/MENTION];
Bad news: Santa is giving you coal for Christmas
Good news: You're getting the holidays off. With pay.
because sam put your name as assurance.. he seells you to bank.. :XD:

good news : christmasttt themeeeee...... and christmast treee

bad news : dont have chirstmast tree
bad news: you wrecked getting a christmas tree
good news: you saved 15% or more by switching to geico
good news: you saved 20% on your insurance
bad news: you're not in good hands with Allstate, who would have saved you 50%
good news: is alive for now
bad news: thread could die again
Good news: There is life on Earth.
Bad news: They are killing each other.

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