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Apr 18, 2012
I didn't see anyone post this when I did a search but if there is one just delete this post or combine it or whatever ;)

Here are some GIFs that I have made. Been a lot of fun (IMO) making them.
Oh and the super roll for my signature was made by me too fyi (oh and my avatar).





And the GIF with the most views


Tell me what you think or show me yours :D
Yuno O.O well... That was quite nice lol~ First one isnt bad either :3 Dont really know what to say about the guy getting slapped by a fan :/ The fourth one is quite simple (and i dont think the stuff popping out really matches the artwork...) The third one is nice too~
Doh I posted wrong one for the 3rd one.
This is the completed GIF for the 3rd one, it will make more sense ;)

you are really good at making those! :eek: I wish I could make something like that...
I liked the last one the most btw :D keep up the good work
omg i love them!!! you have to teach me how to make them xD lol i really want to make one with rena (form higurashi) going crazy xDD
That was only a few that I have made, I show you some more that I have made.





Well my way might not be the best way but it is the way that I do it.
I use the GOM video player (free to download and use).
With GOM there is a Burst Capture that you can set up how many screenshots within how many seconds and such.
Then I take those to this website
You can upload up to 100 shots to make your gif plus you can adjust the speed and size of it.
Download the finish version then upload it to tinypics or photobucket or whatever site you use.
And Voila! Insta Gif :D
When I make gifs, I mostly just use it for web interfaces or userbars like the ones everyone is wearing here. (Yep. I made them all and have been making/accepting requests for anything graphic related since I came here XD)

I use Photoshop in making animated images though. You can also just open the video and cut the parts you want converted to an animation there.
Here is some more gifs that I made recently. :D





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