Crime Scene Investigation: Cause of Death


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Oct 31, 2010
A'ight... I think I've got lead in my eyes so it's about time I really hit the sack, like, right now.

But before that, I just wanna drop something fun. Yeah, the poster above you is dead, and was found in a certain manner. Your job is to identify what causes their deaths.

Something like,

Neo-Exile, found dead in a fridge.
Cause of Death: Hot day, no fan and no ACs. He just had to do it...

Another would be like;

Neo-Exile, found dead hanging from an antenna.
Cause of Death: I dunno... maybe he decided to practice ballet atop of the antenna or something. Silly dude caught his ballet skirt on the antenna and all hell broke loose...! For him.
...or something along those lines.


Alright, now I'm *dead!*.

Oh, and happy spamming~
The victim found Dead in a river

: It seems he wanted to see if water babies really existed
shadow, found dead in a cave full of blood-thirsty bears
cause of death: ate something licked a poisonous frog in the cave, as he always wanted to try it
Shiki struck by lightning~
Lelouch commanded him to to do a rain dance on top of the empire state building~
samy, found dead at his notebook.

cause of death: got poked to death by his clones, as everyone wanted to be spam king
Shiki found dead from overconsumption of tea
Sam was seen putting stuff in the tea pot~
such a violent game:scared:

samy found dead handcuffed to a tree

Cause of Death: to repent of his sins
ninja'ing me...ich glaube es hackt o.O

kactaplb, found dead in the bushes in a park

cause of death: ate poisonous plants as he tried to become a zombie...but it failed.
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Shiki found as a puddle on the ground~
He was hit by direct sunlight and that didnt bode well for his demon vampire ninja side~
Neo-Exile used Samarecarm.

samyeung46... found dead above the Dance Dance Revolution mat. The game was still on when people find him and, amusingly enough, his friend was still playing the game at that given time.
Cause of Death: When the game was started, he was struck with epilepsy right off the bat. His friend, thinking his epilepsy was another one of his "Killing Move," ignored him to the death, literally.
Neo Exile..Found dead behind his computer.
Cause of Death: Head-desk'd too hard and died of severe head injury
unownHGSS... found dead on a white room with a heavenly look on his face.
Cause of Death:
so hard.

And the room used to be purple, that I know... xD
Neo Exile found dead in a supermarket with a basket over his head~
Cause of death~ Go watch bento and find out~
samy found dead on the market.
cause of death: was turned into fish and sliced up by a group of anonymous people~
Shiki found at a supermarket surrounded by anonymous people in similar conditions~
There was traces of poison and some chopsticks in that artificial fish they had been eating~
Sam found dead at a fish stand in Japan.
Had a lot of bite marks on his body.
Deca found dead surrounded by a pile of food~
Cause of death: He was using those chopsticks~
Sam found mutilated in a pit.
Fell in the pit, which was filled with hungry insects.
Deca found beaten to death with two holes in his neck~
Vampire? No the twilight fan girls heard him~
Deca found dead next to a sewage drain with an arm ripped off~
It got to him~
Realized how dangerous Sam and Deca are in this game and just decided to run away from it all~

Cause of Death: a broken beer bottle
Renano was found alone in a room without windows and only one door. The door was locked from the inside and there are no other exits. The cause of death of the victim: stabbed in the back.

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