Beyond Our Reality (Dreams)


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Feb 24, 2012
Ok I dont know if I told anyone about this freaky dream that I had one year that was the beginning of something I have no idea what is about but here it is
Ever wonder if the world we see here and now is just an illusion and the world we enter in sleep is the real world?

19 Hour Long Sleep... Thats A Long Time, & Yet My Dream Was As Well... But What Did It Mean?

I appeard in a very big theater with some family and freinds... I was strangly enough in two places at once In the top row of the buildings theater room & in an arcade room scraping for nickles and Dimes.
Everyone was getting ready for the movie I was getting a soda it was at that moment my two selfs collided with one another flashing me into a city in the far future out side the theater. My suroundings were large buildings that make sky scrapers look like ants, roads that seemed trashed with the homless and all, and just up that road was a town that seemed to be the sunny side of all these depressing structures... unluckly I was being hunted by some cops "oh shit!" I ran into the theater building to find nothing had changed at the moment I flashed into the outside world, infact it was still showing a movie i was seeing noticeing this security was after me *damn i did nothing to get in trouble I just got here* I ran up stairs took an elivater and suddenly another flash happend putting me in the *looking out side to see nothing but dead outer space* very top of the building. nothing good came out of this cause the elivater was broken down. I see a couple of kids trying to open the door... I wanted out to so i tried to help once it was open a loud screaching sound came from the elvater shaft. I steped inside the elivater and the bottom colapsed. I ended up unharmed in a store whear tanks were roaming the place as well as military troops that were working on a huge machine that was unfortunately shooting at me *damnit what did i do* i noticed my right arm was not MY arm but a strange mechanic object I didnt know what it was for but i needed to catch a ride. Running from everything i noticed an attatchment for my arm laying on the ground... i picked it up and ran out of the store into a world that was a waste land nothing in sight as far as the eye could see no cloudes in sight just space. checking myself to find im not really human i realized i could float and move at a fast pace *i wish i would have known this earlyer* with nowere to go I just flew in one direction soon i escaped those who were after me and out of the blue i noticed a place I have never seen in my dreams since i was at least 14years old... it layed in ruins and held many mems that I left in the past as well as the one thing that seporated my dreams from nightmares *OH CRAP!* How could I forget that?
That one thing is my self or my darkside a being that was made of my very own hate, pain, and fear. As I aproached the temple of my past I quickly wake up & fall back asleep... the temple is gone and im in my own house *nature calls* yep I had to go I ran into the restroom and things started to get freaky the lights went out the skylight turned from sunny day to black smog the focet had moltin lava oozing out of it and the bath tub had no TUB it just was a drop into an abyss. I now know the worst has happend because of my sudden awakening I had currupted the temple i set foot in my house was now that temple every door in the house was now an entrance to another world. The first world was new but ive named it Alter's Entrance. Why you will see. I walked out of the rest room and into my room to play a game *shocked* I find a buntch of my old friends in there playing my Xbox 360 *what the hell* you all of you GET OUT!!!. I dont need them screwing up anything. just then the big guy gets up breaking everything including my 360 *dear god!* I open the back window and kicked them out into whatever lurked in that smog. In anger i tear my room down but notice somthing behind my TV stand I brake it and move it the wall was warm i was wanting to see so i punched the wall in with the object that i had for a hand to find it was a rocky tunnel with few rocks to jump on since there was lava pits everywere I make my way over to the end of the tunnel and jump the world suddenly changes into an underground aquatic ventalation tube area *weird* I swim around and notice to see my restroom from the tubs point of view behind bars. I continue through the tubes and find suface to somthing I never could imagine.
Everything was Ice as I get out of the water it freezes over and covers up as if it was never there. I moved on in the cave and see the outside but as I look around to the left of the exit of the cave I see a Very High mountain of Pure ice. If i was to tempt crossing and fall i would die cause all that is at the edge of this new world was a long foggy drop. I crossed and made it *yay* but it wasnt the end the mountain continued upword and seemed to never end as i looked up I appaerd at the top of the mountain *what the hell?* I see a Volcano and above it a path to my house I follow a path of Rock that was just there for no resion to the top were I find my darkside planing somthing but before I was able to make out anything I was teleported into a place with no openings or exits just all pitch black all over. I was then attacked by my darkside and brutaly beaten and soon knocked out cold. I wake up in my room with everything normal but the guys are back *Ugh why me*... Well I came back not remebring anything about what happend so I decided To Bunk beds with my Buddies.


That night I couldnt sleep I felt a need to do somthing so I walked out of the room. The halway of my house soon streached out as if it was a long apartment I headed back to the rest room did my bussnes and went to the kitchen to fix some mac & cheese but the water wasnt running so I looked Under the focet and saw lava coming from it *shit there goes my meal* I was pissed I havent had nothing to eat after all this hell.
I ran to my sister and asked her if she had any idea whats been going on she came and looked at the focet and the lava apeard to be a dry peace of gunk. I let the water run to build up pressure and stopped then thought I dont want to blow the house up if this dosent work but I did it anyways soon it popped out "ewww nasty" I trashed it. I went to complain to mother about it, she was watching the news and they were talking about that same volcano under my house I left the room in a rush and quitely snook over everybody that just happend to be sleeping over and went back into the restroom to take a bath... Holly shit ive gone crazy cause a cat was shoved down the drain dead I was not in the mood for that so I backed away from the tub and fell out of the house *What the hell happend to the rest* I was going to die I was falling into the abyss that seemed to be never ending till i passed a few clouds and it began to rain violently as I noticed this I looked down to see a City that I was Miles above I know I will die for sure if i hit the ground. Suddenly I was next to a building I then realized I still had the strange object on my arm. I used it to try to Grab on to the building I soon started scrapeing the rock hard walls of the building as I slowly began to stop falling only prob... I wasnt even close to the ground. I decided to break a window and make my self an entry in the building. I noticed it was the same building I was in running from the cops, so I looked around but before anything could be said I fell through the floor and after that I was waking up next to a brige that led to a school *damnit I hate school* I look around as I layed on the sidewalk and suddenly a girl is hovering over me looking like she was kinda freaked out & said "Are you o.o.ok?" I freaked out a bit more then I should and ran into the school but it did not look like one from inside it looked like a super mall with more then 80 floors I had to explore I wanted to check this place out it had everything & I questioned if this was a school at all so I went out side and it was a mall *but it was a moment ago* I was going into some strange places lately. After surching the place I was noticeing my name on most wanted lists I hi-taild it out of there but got pulled into a corner it was that girl again >.< *ah-man will you leave me alone!* she looked as if I had pissed her off then so she hit me and started telling me she was being hunted to *wow this is starting to be cool* after she got done telling me a boring story I just expected to leave her there but i couldnt she followd me everywere *Again Why me* we headed for the streets to find that the roads had collapsed hear and there and they all lead to the world were the lava was... It was time i found out what this dream all means. I jumped into the world that I had feard to enter And arived at the aquatic tube area again but this time I had to drag another with me. As I tried to remember to what way I went the tubes began to drain the water, rust very quickly and fall apart We began to run but then i rememberd i could float so I told the girl to grab my hand and hold on ~.~ grr she hopped on my back and held on that way instead. She noticed we were being chased by some sort of hellish monster *This is were I see what kind of gadget this mech is on my arm is* I stood my ground and readyed my hand to hit... as this strange beast aproached in the shadows I let a swing go to early and my fist went flying god knows wear *but it sure hit the crap out of whatever was after us* soon my fist came flying back like a magnet and reatached its self wow thats cool. We both Flashed out of that area into the Iced cave My other Friends were there as well "how the hell did you all get here" the big one said that the short and mean one got mad after losing a match to a player online and busted my wall so they found this place. I herd him yelling out side the cave and hit him for being a reckless maniac lol. I looked up and told everyone this is the only way out we have to climb that mountain. the girl suggest a back ride on me >.< No way im not carrying anyone! once again she just hops on. soon we began to cross over the first half once over it the ice began to melt *uh oh* I looked Up to see if it was safe and then apeard at the top again but the others stayed behind the volcano was crossing over the with the temple of memorys and this was causing the world to tear apart violently I knew this was My darksides fault Its time I finish him off so I can Wake up! I soon confront myself at the volcanos peak I was scared and I was alone at that very moment faceing my very self in the face I try to strike but only pass through him my darkside was feeding off my fear and strees soon he became more then I could handle... Suddenly I flash through every mem i had of the past and I see somthing but as I try to focuse on what it was im attacked gasping for air I realized that strange girl behind him, the mech device on my arm appeard on her and she used all the energy she had left to save me. My darkside was gone, For good? No possibly not. as I strived with my last breath to thank her It Ended.
Hmm thats quite the dream :x Mines are usually about half the length and not quite as crazy... nvm mines are crazy too but i dot have as much randomness and continuity...
I didn't read trough your dream yet. I'm just not at the mood for that right now. I'll read it later though, it's a promise :)

I see usually dreams that are a lot like some rpg game. You know... some sort of group(usually some of my friends), magic, swords, monsters and that kind of stuff. I think those dreams are cool so it's not bothering me or anything. Actually I'm usually disappointed when I wake up and realize that it was just a dream ^_^
I think this is the real world...dreams are dreams....or other realms you mind makes to put you conscience in as your body rests.

I have also had a odd dream before.....I will tell you guys.
I was on a train (one of those Japanese ones) rolling through the countryside, the landscape around me was endless rice fields, it was hot and sunny and bleak outside, large white clouds and blue sky. The train went on a straight track through the fields, going a normal speed. It was empty, the only other person was a man that sat beside me, he look like a business man, mid 20's, and he was asleep. he was listening to music, and only had one earphone in and his mp3 player in his hand. He look super tired. Suddenly the rain stopped. and the doors dear me opened, the man next to me never woke up. I decided to get off and stepped on a concrete platform, it was standing alone in the rice fields. The fields looked wet from a recent rain, so the air was moist and hot (muggy kinda). A PA came from the train saying "Welcome to the last train station at the end of all reality and existence, whoever does not get off now, will be on the train forever, goodbye and lets have fun exploring together YAY~! (the voice sounded all cute). The train then pulled away and left. On the platform I noticed a map sign saying "you are here". The map showed a straight road that eventually was supposed to reach a fishing village. I walked down the road for about 30 minutes, when I saw a shed, with a old lady sitting out front in a worn green chair. The shed looked lonely on the field, I approached the lady and asked "How long have you been here?" she replied "Oh....I think I've been here forever." She then pointed at the sky, O looked to see where she pointed, then looked back and she was gone. I was creeped out, so I kept walking. Eventually I could smell the ocean, and I could see the village in the distance and the ocean. I ran into the village, it looked like one of those old school Japanese towns. I walked through, there was various people in all kinds o cultures clothing all around, eating, shopping, was messed. I walked by a market, with a GIANT Tori gate in front, I saw two kids walking out laughing (one was a boy, other a girl. The boy wore a cowboy hat for some reason." They were laughing so I said "whats so fun about that market?" The boy turned with a serious face and said "You can have whatever you want in there, anything you'd ever want is in that market...your desires...your dreams...but you cannot obtain access to things in the market until you find yourself"....then he said my name. I walked away, and came across a temple (Japanese one) It had a GIANT native totem pole out front, and a man with giant deer antlers and Japanese clothing stood out front, and he said "I've waited for you to arrive, you must battle yourself, find yourself, he gave me a wooden bokken, and I proceed to fight a bunch of Shinto and native Gods in combat, I won, and then I started to float over the ocean! The Earth was floating over the ocean, and the ocean was filled with peoples souls, all purple and blue, they all had faces smiling at me, there long arms carried me towards Earth, when i reached Earth I touched it and woke up!
Dream are made up of things that we experience in real-life(whether it's the real things in real-life or things from games/anime/manga), which later on got compile or replay in our brain while we in stasis sleep mode.

I remember in one dream where I experiencing the same funny situations that were mentioned by the Blue Collar Comedy guys(Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engwal, Ron White & Larry the Cableguy) in their standup comedy show.

Either that or you need to stop watching Oprah.
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I have 5-9 dreams a night... don't really care for them... but might post a short one when there's time. xD
Hmm since i just woke and had an odd little dream with a person who reminded me of [MENTION=18465]renano[/MENTION] ojou sama in it i guess ill post~
Im going to shorten the names of everyone i know in it to their first letter~

I had gotten out of class and just saw a friend (K). She was walking by so i said a little hi and we had a little chat about school. Then i followed her into this large classroom (think couple stories highs and large as a football/soccer field) where i met my other friends (E G and A). There was hundreds of tables which looked like those plastic play structure objects with holes on them and about four students at each table. There was really large curtains going across the back of the room so we decided to take a look at what was behind it all. It was a large dusty space filled with what i would assume was props for some play and as we explored we found that there was another curtain behind the first curtain. There was what seemed like a hallway running between the curtains that disappeared off into the distance. A suddenly said that i had something he wanted and tried to take my backpack. I ran off through the curtains and back into the classroom where i ducked and dived along the tables avoiding him. He was quite quick for his large figure but i was still faster. I ran back behind the curtains and passed my backpack to E G and K before running back into the classroom and continuing to evade A. G E and K decided to hide my backpack behind the props and went back to the classroom. A went backstage after seeing that i didnt have the backpack and couldnt find it so he started chasing me again to find out where it was. I sneaked by K E and G where i hid and pretended to be part of the group while i had a random chat with them. A eventually saw me and chased me so i started running around the room to evade him again. For some reason i found E was sitting in a table across the room and i wondered how she got there so fast. It seems that i had lost A for now so i took a seat by E and helped her with her project. Afterwards it sort of changed into another dream and i was at some odd party where i got some random gifts (one of them was some soft rubber ball filled with water and some glowy substance and it had a rubber string extended from it so could be used like a yoyo) and had a nice chat with someone~ (I wonder who :p)I left for home we continued our chat online. We decided to go meet in some restaurant that she suggested. I stood by the door for a little before she arrived and dragged me in. Apparently there was someone here that she wanted me to meet. We got a seat and apparently it was breakfast at that time (thought it was night or afternoon... such odd times...) so i ordered a pastry and two small pancake like objects covered in some apple flavored substance (the waiter called me Daniel for some reason). She ordered her own meal and was commenting how she loved the *insert whatever she said here* apple flavored thing quite a bit so i offered her one. She said 'It would probably be too dry by the time she returned and went to the restroom (i think) or wherever the hallway lead. When she came back i still had the apple thing saved for her but that was forgotten when my cousin (J) walked in with a group of friends and they knew her. She said "Oh youre J**** right?" (She also called me Daniel which sort of made me somewhat saddened...) as he took a seat next to me and had a chat with us where he mentioned the rubber ball i had. I took it out of my pocket and was playing with it when a large man came out of the hallway and walked over to our table. This was the person that she had wanted me to meet and i mumbled a little hi. We all left the restaurant (Me, her, my cousin and friends, and the large man) and started walking down the street. I was walking somewhat ahead playing with the ball as she walked along dragging the large man and one of the younger girls in the group and everyone else was just following behind. We walked under some highway and reached what looked like a site where some large building was demolished and abandoned. There was a broken trailer there where we left the large man and split off to our other activities. Then the dream sort of jumped to a scene where two guys with some sort of rifles were in the trailer searching for the large man. He hid in a box covered by some cloth and they just walked by without noticing. Eventually i arrived there with her and some small group of people. We disarmed the two guys that were searching and got the guy out of the box. We were going to move him elsewhere and went to the van we had outside. I was wondering how we were all going to fit with him being so large when his top half popped off like one of those dolls where theres more dolls inside. A girl which reminded me of Asebi from ben-to jumped out of the bottom half while i was in a minor state of shock. We drove directly for the house that we were trying to get to and i mean directly. We drive right through a couple rivers during one of which the Asebi like girl was panicking about whether this was a good idea because we were moving her from a disguised base to a normal house. I gave her some little explanation for why we needed to and calmed her down. We eventually arrived at the house though we were driving a bit fast and crashed into the park next to it where the van did a bit of gymnastics before settling down. The girl was clinging to me saying "Stan stan will you stay with me too?" (where are all these names coming from?) and i noticed thegirlistillhaventrevealedbutyouprobablyguessedattheidentityof watching with a slight pout. I gave her a hug and she seemed somewhat happier though she was still pouting. The dream ended with some random guy with glasses saying "Heroes are so easy to please..."
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Quite a dream... dreamt about me a little again... :3 I liked it... sounded almost real.

My dream wouldn't be that long... I have too many dreams so they are mostly short... mostly about blood and how certain things want to corrupt or possess me...
Hmm actually im having multiple dreams too :x Up to five i think... but i cant remember the earlier ones...
Well ill continue giving you my prayers... hope itll help...
GenKi is doing the same... praying... :3

Thank you Sam... you made me a bit more cheerful~
I cheered you up...? :x

Hmm... was it one of our earlier chats? I apologize... I may have forgotten...
Lol it was just a bit of randomness from before~ Not sure if you intended to but you did :3
Man I can barely remember it now but I had a damn strange dream last night..
It was the "pointing man" who was pointing at the live feed cam at the Fukushima nuclear plants at the decontamination sites sometime during August..
I don't remember exactly what happened but I do remember the part he's pointing straight at me, still in the suit, with the disturbing expression on his face, exactly like in the video..
Which lead me to do some research about it today because I do remember seeing it online long ago but back then it was such a big mistery. I've learnt that he has revealed himself (sort of) on his blog not so long ago. His website where he explains his intentions is here
He was pointing specifically at TEPCO and the government for the way they are treating the situation. But something tells me he is also pointing as us, as a reminder that there are people, risking their lives for us, telling us to wake the Hell up. So it was a reaaallly strange dream..

Which also lead me to my sigs, haha ヽ(○´3`)ノ
Follows my rotating sigs theme exactly when I made them last night, such a coincidence, so made this this morning

This trippy ass dream hit me really hard..
Let's never forget..
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Hmm had a really long dream or a couple dreams anyway xD Which may have been partly influenced by some random chatting with various people~ some of the connections between the dreams may have been somewhat forced ;p

I was in some pokemon world and talking to someone. He was saying that i should catch a legendary if i should ever see ones cuz he doubted that i would ever see another while showing me videos of the legendaries. I was wandering around the forest when an articuno flew overhead. I went a little nuts and chased it on a pigeotto somehow capturing it. Apparently the articuno was flying off to some battle with moltres and zapdos so it quickly broke out of the pokeball and dragged me along to the battle (lets say articuno is a really bad pokemon to ride on... you will freeze half to death before arriving anywhere...). Articuno dropped me off in a grassy field before it flew into battle and I found myself at an amusement park. I met a friend (C) and we decided to go around the park together. We went on some water ride where we chatted while it went around the loops and talked about how slow the ride was going until we got to the end where it was a sudden rush downhill. We got off the ride and she asked if that swing ride would maybe dry us off but we went with a roller coaster instead. The roller coaster zoomed into a tunnel and suddenly i was floating over a map (the old brown worn out ones where everything is painted in shades of brown). It was the story of Grendel's mother and how she was terrorizing the villages after the had slain Grendel. There was a small group of hobbits (3 or 5 i dont really remember) who would be named the heroes of the event but were they really? The hobbits had volunteered to go slay the the foul creature and set off on their quest. At the same time there was also some roman legions that thought they could tame the creature and use it for their armies and thus had also set off to the beast's lair. But those werent the only two factions trying to get to the creature. An angel had descended among the mountains and set off swiftly towards the beast's lair with his white stallion. The hobbits were being harassed by the roman soldiers as they went through the cities and made really slow progress. No one really believed that they could beat the creature and ignored them. The roman soldiers had been the closest to the beast's lair to start out with so they were swarming in the cavern searching for the creature. The problem was that the creature seemed to be gone. The Beast's lair was an abandoned underground temple made of three large rooms separated by thick stone walls with evenly spaced columns throughout the structure supporting the ceiling. There was a long hallway connecting the three rooms and the entrance. In the central room there was an odd mosaic of a reclining creature on the wall but no actual creature to be found. There was a sudden frenzy with soldiers reporting a man in white robes and riding a white horse suddenly appearing in the room on the left and the commander went to see what had happened. There was a ring of soldiers around the man and he casually got off the horse (At this point i found out that the guy was me or i was suddenly viewing this through his eyes anyway). The commander walked up and demanded to know what i was doing but i just grabbed on of the soldier's spears and slashed a cross on the wall (breaking the spear in the process). I pushed at the wall with a hand and it fell over revealing the central chamber behind. Ignoring the commander's screams i walked over to the mosaic and muttered a couple words. I disappeared and was only viewing once again. The roman soldiers left the temple after they couldnt find the creature and a while later the hobbits came. They found the creature sleeping on the floor (the odd mosaic was gone) and they quickly killed it. They returned to their village as heroes and i suddenly found myself in a building. I walked onto the street where i met a couple friends (T E and G) and they wanted me to go to the anime convention with them so tehy dragged me into their car. T was driving and made a somewhat crazy U turn from the parking spot and as we drove i saw my dad and he was telling me to get back there to help him carry stuff. I got out of the car at the next stoplight and ran over to help. I carried a box of random objects into a house where we were having a sleep over of sorts. And i woke here from various stuff...
Pachi and Sam... xD

Your dreams are pretty detailed...

Hmm... I guess I can type one up, but I have trouble remembering details. Okay, here it goes~

I dreamt about myself who dreamt about herself who also dreamt about herself and dreamt about herself... xD

I know... I tend to dream about myself who also dreams about herself... xD

Onto the story...

I recognize that it was a dream... and realize it's a new and different dream. (I tend to dream the same thing at least once a month. I will stop dreaming it when the events from that dream have occurred in real life or I find a solution in real life that corresponds to that dream)

Because I knew it was a dream, I did whatever I want... Basically defying human laws and running around, causing as much mischief as I want.

It was like medieval times in which the fruit vendors were open on the streets, stone walls, the clothing, and the attitude similar to those times.

As I pick-pocketed one of the red apples... there were sounds of people rushing about as if something important was commencing.

Suddenly, silence came... and a roar of trumpets and calls were proceeded.

It was the king and queen making their way through this town.

They sat upon horses and had mini troops of soldiers and a few maids and servants following. Looking high and mighty as any royal, but what surprised me was that the king and queen were my parents! xD

Since this was a dream I knew they were my parents in real life, but here, they just rode past me like I was a commoner. As their horses trotted away, but still within ear-range, I was then dragged by someone unknown.

This person kept clinging to my left arm and proceeded to run. I had trouble running because it was so sudden and I was reluctant to go with someone I didn't know.

The person stopped at the opening of some forest... It was still daylight so the forest appeared not too ominous and had a gentle aura unlike those in most fairy tales.

As the stranger turned around, I still didn't recognize the person.

The stranger was female... sightly taller than me... dirty blonde hair, blueish, brownish eyes, and was wearing pagan clothing underneath the current black cape she adorned.

She talked about something, but I deemed it 'unimportant' so I do not remember the details of that conversation.

Later on, we just talked some more and invited me to eat... Along the way, we encountered the king and queen once more.

I waved to them and spoke. xD Because I knew it was a dream, I didn't care if they decapitated me for speaking out of line.

The king and queen were actually amused and invited me to their palace.

I don't remember the exact details about the decorations or placements of the palace except the outside was designed like the Taj Mahal. xD

The girl I was with also came along and was shocked and frightened because of my previous outburst and gestures to royalty. She thought I would be beheaded if I went to the palace and not be properly invited. Still, she came to understand that the king and queen were fair and enjoyed her time with me in the palace.

The main 'attraction' was that the king and queen wanted me to stay over... and perhaps choose a husband out of her 6 sons! xD

She has a total of 10, but she wanted these 6 to find a wife first! xD

I met with each one... the first one was shy and quickly dismissed me.

The second son only smiled and did nothing... sat and looked pretty.

The third one had two females attached to each arm... the playboy.

The fourth one wasn't home.

The fifth and sixth ones started to get attached to me and wanted to party.

I refused the invitation to get drunk and dance, but they kept pestering me and pulled on each arm. I screamed and told them to knock it off!

Then out of nowhere... another guy popped up... it was the fourth guy who wasn't home earlier and dragged me away from there.

He apologized for that and for the queen's intention for finding a wife. I quickly thanked him and said 'I just went along with the queen... just for the heck of it'. xD

We seem to like each other and enjoyed one another's company until...


Some assassinations followed and they were about to murder the royal family and saw me.

I wasn't frightened and wanted to quickly kill them or torture them for even coming one inch of here, but the fourth prince protected me instead. xD

I wanted to fight, but he cared about me... I said 'thank you', but pouted because I wasn't satisfied.

He was about to kiss me to make it up, but the dream me knew it was about morning in the real world and that I should wake up.

I gave a quick peck on the lips, shoved the fourth prince away, and said 'Next time I'll fight and win. So don't worry too much about me.' and waved good-bye. As I ran, I glanced back and saw him laughing at my words, smiling, and waving as well.

I forced myself to wake up, but realized I only woke up one of my 'dream mes'.

I woke up the next 'dream me' and woke up the next one and continued to wake the next 'dream me'.

I finally reached the last 'dream me' and woke up completely in my bed, but made sure to poke myself in case it was the 'dream me' in bed. xD

Sighing from relief that it's the real me I hopped out of bed, open the curtains, and said, "I want another kiss." xD

The End
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Haha well mine wasn't so detailed, was only one part that I barely remember. Heck, perhaps I didn't even dream 3/4 of what I described, but what I believe I remember. Do remember the pointing decontamination worker though.

Anyways, man, your dream was pretty..


trippy and surreal. Though cute ヽ(○`・v・)人(・v・´●)ノ
Wish I could remember my dreams that well hehe
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Hahaha... that dream was one of 6 dreams I had. xD

Although, that dream stood out because I usually remember more about my last few dreams than the earlier ones and it was a new dream for me unlike those monotonous ones.

I did like your dream... less fantasy than mine~ xD
Hmm didnt have a dream today... but my dreams are usually quite based on reality at the end... pokemon from pokemon conversations, theme part with that friend cuz i went with her before, the map was quite generic, the hobbits (take a random guess), wizard sammy... i wonder where he fit in, romans.. well theyre there xD, and the last part was just my friends not taking meh to fanime :dispirited:

Ojou sama's dream was quite nice and playful xD Wouldve been nice to maybe be one of the people watching~ Hmm waking up over and over... that would be odd for me :/ Never had that experience... or not more than one layer...
It's quite a nuisance to keep waking yourself repeatedly until you reached your last 'dream me'... I really had to poke myself to make sure it's the real me. xD

I dream about myself who also dreams herself etc. pretty often... so I feel annoyed and tired.

You wanted to watch all that occurring? xD I bet it was you! You're the shy prince that shut me away! xD Just a joke~

I wouldn't mind more realistic dreams like yours... but my mind is perhaps 'strong' in which I can determine what the dream will be and try to change aspects of it...

I usually dream about demons, dark luminous shadows or figures, and other scary creatures trying to kill me, join their dark side, or take over my body...

It's a difficult battle and I find myself alone, but I always fight fate~ I refuse to be taken over and I smirk when they think they have succeeded in taking over mind... when it is I who has won! I took over their body and mind and still live after thousands of cuts on my body as the blood slowly seeps out and dries up after awhile~ :fulfilled:
Most of the times I dream of school LOL
The only dreams I can remember is me being at school having done something that gets me into trouble at school, then I get sooo relieved when I wake up

and LOL those are some twisted dreams man (*´∀)
Hmm the shy prince xD Who knows~

No random prince to protect you from demons?~ Well you seem quite fine as you are i guess~
Must be because I don't seek any relationship or partner in real life... Also because I'm home alone most of the time. That could be why I'm alone all the time in my dreams...

My sadistic side and probably because those demons desire my 'natural abilities'... xD Maybe they want to use me... I find it strange that I dream about demons because I haven't watched/read/seen anything too gory or bloody related...

Those anime demons amuse me, but not enough to scare me or anything... Same for films.

Could be the streets I live next to... those dead people... or something else~

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