Ask a question and next person have to answer.

As in car license? Yes.

How much have you spent on anime merchandise?
can't even start to imagine how much, but it's definitely a lot~

how many hours do you sleep?
During holidays more than 10 hrs! lol otherwise when college is open only for 6 hrs :(

Do you want to beat the hell out of someone!? it can be anyone
sure~ but i wouldn't really do so since i'm not prepared for the consequences.

do you think you are a lucky person?
Lucky! well i dont know may be i am may be not its a bit tough call on what basis you are considering yourself a lucky person

do you think you are sexy? and make people turn their heads? :P
definitely no~ i'm the type whom no one will look for a second glance or even turn their heads just to look closely~

do you think the world will end on 2012?
lol that answer was something!

no i dont believe in that the world will end in 2012, i will not go into deep however, cuz lots of things comes into place here....

do you like being a center of attraction?
in the past, yes. now, no. i would prefer to be on the sidelines to observe and learn~

do you know anyone who is willing to die for the person he/she loves?
yes i know that person n she is my gf

do you think that someone is keeping watch on you or observing you?
hmmm. if there is such being then i think that would be God.

do you know how to surf?
flawless answer!!

surf? you mean riding on the waves with that board right lol sorry i dont know much... well obviously no

do you think that you are clever/smart among your surrounding?
Everyone looks at me with those lustful eyes that don't to turn their head because of the temptation XD

which exercise method is best for you?
^@shito~ lol, i'm going to poke those eyes.

the one that reduces your calories by 350. XD
Why not, I won't be too bad I don't think :D

Ever watched Gundam Wings Endless Waltz?
A blog sounds nice

do you listen to music while using the computer?

Do you like korean dramas?

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