Ask a question and next person have to answer.

Well, Sammy I did ask if you had any objections.

So how about this? Saya comes in and starts wiping out the aliens, then one gets behind her and does a stunner on her and then you come flying out like a ninja. Your throwing kunai left and right and your using your shadow clones too and all that good stuff.

So literally you save the girl, happy ending.

Now if stronger aliens came, we'd need a gunship and a couple of terminators.

Again, any objections?
Nah ill just disappear again till a late date~
If you had to hold out for a while till the terminators arrived?
Hmm...didn't see that coming.

I guess I would then get in my mecha and destroy then.

When are you getting back?
Whenever someone is about to die~ Ill just pop in, kick whatever's ass, and :runhappy:
If a boss type creature came?
Meh, then you can go back to whatever you were doing.

What if the mini-boss was a champion version?
Then be careful, it would suck if you dropped it on your foot.

If you did drop the weapon on your foot anyway?
I would ninja off before it smashed a hole in the ground (Heavy lil thing o.o)~
If we had to dig to retrieve the weapon?
I'd get Simon and ask him to drill for us.

If Simon had another nervous breakdown while digging?

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