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Can i try if i can do cleaning or typesetter? looks cool ^^

does this include doujinshi's too?
Sure you can ^^ I'd appreciate cleaners and translators the most now.

We may do doujins if there are staff wanting to work on them though I may do them if I'm bored lol.

I'll PM you some pages to clean and typeset in a moment - just think of this as a little test ^^
yea more cleaners~~ less work for me~ *j/king*
if anyone wants to join and need some help/tips i can be of help, just send me a vm/pm.
or i think i can teach the basics if you wanna join but have little to no experience.
You just need the time to clean~~
Yeah more cleaners please so that I won't have to clean cause I suck lol
I'm not likely to obtain any dangerous doujinshi often cus it cost alot to do so, but if we do get our hands on good ones irl or online, we be sure to do it.
Of course, though due to all the thievery and trollscan (also pure rivalry itself) going on in the scanlation industry I don't really feel like announcing a project to the public before making the first release of that series lol. Members are of course entitled to know everything though.
members as in? by the way, i do hope that you guys can scanlate some new manga if you have raw
ASS members of course. Sure, we do have raws, and don't plan on scanlating anything any other group has done for the time being. Maybe not freshly newly released manga though.
I've always wanted to be part of a scanlation team, except that I don't know what skill I have to give.
Raw provider and a translator would definitely out of the question for me.

I have modest Photoshop and Illustrator skills, but that just it, I'm afraid.
I'll let you guys decide what job suited for me. Hopefully by joining this, I could learn more about scanlation works.

BTW, nice idea with the name, ASS. LOL
I can imagine it now somewhere at a scanlation groups convention;

"Which group are you from?"
"I'm an ASS!" *with pride*
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If you'd like to rely on your Photoshop skills you can be a cleaner or typesetter. Typesetting is easier; you only need to use text tool most of the time and make your text neat (and sometimes creative when needed). Whereas in cleaning you need to know mainly about levelling, denoising, and of course erasing stuff; and at times rebordering, redrawing, and repositioning the page (like cropping, resizing, rotating). that case, I would like to apply as a textsetter, for now.
You know what they say, "Each epic journey start with a small step."

But I would like to learn on how to clean a scan, if anybody willing to give some tutorial or something.
Alright, I'll PM you two pages to typeset as a test shortly ^^

If you meet me on IRC when I'm free (as doing it live is better), I won't mind giving a quick tutorial on cleaning or typesetting as well.

And yeah, actually I didn't have any intention to make the name a pun, but it became one itself :p that case, I would like to apply as a textsetter, for now.
You know what they say, "Each epic journey start with a small step."
i started with cleaning though >.>;

But I would like to learn on how to clean a scan, if anybody willing to give some tutorial or something.

anyways if your interesting in cleaning i can be of help here, just send me a pm when u want too.

and iggy, you dont really need to learn to teach denoise till much later.
Basics doesnt include denoise '.' cause denoise is mainly used in magazine scans due to the grains during scanning and 3/4 of the time we will be using tanks instead of mags.
lol it was like typesetter -> QC -> translation checker -> translator -> cleaner for me.

And yeah, while denoising does wonders to some scans, don't let it deter you - it's not really needed for every single page. You can start as a cleaner without knowing how to denoise *points at self* though of course you'll have to eventually learn about it ;)
i can do some translating, typesetting or cleaning. thought translating is depending on the manga itself tho >.< most of the time i still need dictionary. and prolly some ATLAS to make thing faster xD
I don't see a reason to prohibit the use of dictionary or even automatic translators since they do help.

So, would you like to apply as a translator, typesetter, or cleaner - or all three? (´・ω・`)
I'll apply for all 3
For the tl, i'm gonna need someone to provide me with t3h jp script and raws
typesetter & cleaner.... well... just give me the page for whichever page you guys needed me to do >.<
Japanese script? Since the process of transcribing the script of a manga itself requires :effort: about equal to (or even more than) translating, I guess you should be okay translating manga with furigana since you can at least type the words out without having to draw the kanji?
i guess furigana is fine... or i could just OCR the hell outta em >.< gimme HQ scans lol
or better, romaji xD
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You can only hope to translate something from romaji (´・ω・`) And believe me, it's actually harder.

Okay, I'll PM you shortly ^^
Wow Long time no activity~~~

Anyways if you are still looking for cleaners i will gladly say i'm here!!!! so....... awaiting ASS invitation.
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