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Oh it's worth playing? Feels like Tanukihouse's games have been mostly misses - I guess I should check it out
Oh it's worth playing? Feels like Tanukihouse's games have been mostly misses - I guess I should check it out

Sorry guys, I played it through. It's not worth buying at all.

Here's the story:
You're aquarium worker to your childhood friend who is the director. You need to rebuild the aquarium. That's the story. There's nothing else.

I was very excited at first because there were quite a bit of scenes with you kinda "dating" the main girl. You do all kinds of sexy things with her and eventually marries her, fulfilling a childhood promise. But, the ONLY NTR moment in the entire game I found with her, is you have to try to cheat on her. So if you "end" her route by making a baby with her > Game Over Happy End.

You need to choose ANOTHER girl, and then fuck her, and then DON'T confess you fucked the other girl, and some other dude comes in and cucks both girls from you. Now the PREMISE sounds hot and probable. But the problem with this game is all the twist I just said is done with a single choice, and can be completed within 10 minutes. Another words, it's short, empty, and flat as a story. Not only that, they don't even show the dude fucking your main girl. I think the translation said "you hear later that he had sex with <main girl name I already forgot> too". There's ONE more scene with main girl that's NTR, completely random. Doesn't turn me on what so ever.

I even sped run the other 3 girl in the aquarium, same shit. Bam bam done. No story telling. No real use of the map. No other events.

Honestly not even worth the 10 USD or so I spent. It's maybe a 3 dollar game IMO.
Whale, whale, whale... a translation just got done.


Queen's Diary of Adulterous Mating

I played it back when it came out but things were a bit hectic and I had to drop it midway. Guess it's time to pick it up again. If anyone else is/got interested, here is the fully patched MEGA download link.

Translation Credits: MediocreTranslation @ULMF
Really looking forward for this. For those who finished the trial version, will the game focus on Haruna only ?
What about the other females casts ? Will they have their own sex scenes or just a supporting character ?

One of the side characters already has a scene in trial (3.1 version). Harunas mom has a separate section in CG gallery. So she will too probably.
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I like that he made two different ways of reading the story: one with mystery, and a second one where you see everything that was going on.

I like P herb give heroine heart shaped pubes. It's niche fetish that wish showing more in NTR
Hangover Cat’s (dev of The Edge Of) new game A Promise Best Left Unkept has a (very) early trial. Still early doors but there’s potential. The guy is definitely one of the better Western devs making NTR (not a high bar, admittedly), so I’m looking forward to where this will go.
Really looking forward for this. For those who finished the trial version, will the game focus on Haruna only ?
What about the other females casts ? Will they have their own sex scenes or just a supporting character ?

This time only focus on Haruna...... But at the end , we know next time focus on Mikoto ( mother of Haruna ). It will release on 2022........
I just gave this game a try ( The premise according to Dlsite is basically that the MC just recently got an ideal girlfriend with similar hobbies to him and his life is the best its ever been, however when preparing to make a child one night, she instead brings him videos of her cheating sex.
The problem is that's literally all there is. Game starts with a very brief intro, immediately introduces heroine, a conversation or 2 with said heroine with the conversation leading to MC wanting a kid. Cut to a week later, heroine hasn't been home much but she's there for the child-making night with special lingerie however she instead brings a bunch of NTR videos. There's no set up whatsoever. Nothing that indicates she might be cheating or even want to cheat, nothing. MC just says that he wants a kid and one week later she's got around 7 to 8 NTR videos just for him.
At this point I was like, okay fine, maybe the scenes are at least decent. They're not. Its just random scenes of the heroine cheating with random dudes in different scenarios and she doesn't even look like she's really into it. After you watch 4 of them you get a choice however if you missed a certain interactable object then no matter what you choose you get a game over where the MC bails. If you replay the game and select the choice you get some extra NTR videos and this time you get to follow the true end which essentially reveals why she did what she did. All the NTR videos are just fake and she fabricated them in order to get the MC aroused for the perfect baby making sex. That's it. Shitty set-up, sudden random NTR, NTR not even good, NTR apparently doesn't even exist.
I'm not even angry or sad, I'm just confused. Who's this game for? It doesn't feel like NTR A since even though she willingly 'cheats' in the videos, she doesn't look like she's into it. It isn't NTR B since she's clearly 'cheating on purpose' and it definitely doesn't feel like NTR C. I at least thought the MC would get a NTR fetish after all of that and maybe go down the netorase train but that doesn't happen either. The ending is just some weird out of place pure love. If you go in for the NTR, no matter what kind of NTR you like you'll probably be let down. If you're looking for a pure love game then chances are you'd never even give this game a try to begin with.
I just want my time back.
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I only have おねらぶR ~ONE LOVE Recover.


sry, can you reupload this? mega link is dead

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