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No it's definitely not OAI, it's something else as the researchers who founded cai stemmed from google. Words of the street is that the model itself used data compiled by google, which would explain why it's so good, even if they have no official link.
From what I read they use multiple models :
- one the main one being the character.
- a second one being the one orchestrating the scene, some kind of OOC DM with some feedback loop forcing the first model to talk by itself if you do nothing and just wait. You can also ask it to do stuff in the story.
- and recently the filter being a third model.

Since the filter CAI is essentially between boring for sfw (even for normies, they can only be amused so many times by asking elon musk to say amogus) and completely dead for nsfw.
As for why the filter the ceo is a prude, it's not that complicated lol, he hates nsfw and his dream is some weird sexless assistant as an end goal for cai. Basically cai being so good at erp was more of an accident than an intention.

Damn the hinted ntr stuff sounds so hot, but it needs really a good model to work well imo.
If NAI gets a model as good as CAI pre filter, I'd gladly pay again for their thing, since they're the only ones focused on privacy.

It seems like some groups have gone off to try their own thing after CAI shut out NSFW. I initially knew of Pygmalion AI but it was genuinely a massive step down. The new model they're using has GPT3.5 in the name and already it's a massive upgrade from what I remember was going on a few months ago. I recommend using the Colab link for TavernAI and setting it to that 3.5 model. There's links much further down in the rentry for character galleries ( which you download and upload onto it (character data is somehow stored in the image). Haven't tried any NTR yet but i'll report back tomorrow if I remember.


Well it turns out there's a GPT4 option. I don't know if that actually connects to it but the responses surely seem to indicate significantly higher quality. I think it's about as good, if not better than how I remember it being with CAI pre-NSFW purge.

The ai seems to understand how to be subtle, which is something the older chatbots that likely use a GPT2 equivalent or below are unable to do. The older ones will try to be subtle, then suddenly drop "Well I really like the way he uses his big cock", or something, forgetting it was a secret.

It would be cool if there was a way to store parameters somehow. For example, being able to keep track of something, literally anything at all, such as what day it is or even something like corruption status. You could have event triggers go off when certain parameters are reached. I feel like a really creative erotic/NTR game could be made if you could. You could set the player up with a synopsis so they head in the right direction and then go from there.
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I'm officially run out of NTR material lately XDDDDDD. Any good Milf NTR game / manga that come out recently ??
Well it turns out there's a GPT4 option. I don't know if that actually connects to it but the responses surely seem to indicate significantly higher quality. I think it's about as good, if not better than how I remember it being with CAI pre-NSFW purge.

The ai seems to understand how to be subtle, which is something the older chatbots that likely use a GPT2 equivalent or below are unable to do. The older ones will try to be subtle, then suddenly drop "Well I really like the way he uses his big cock", or something, forgetting it was a secret.
If it connects to actual oai stuff and not just collab, I'm personally weary of using any of these services tbh.
Also I doubt it's actually GPT4 since gpt4 is not only censored, but also very costly to use.
And yeah local models have less memory by default but people are working on "longer memory" plugins where what's going is summarized and fed back to the ai.
What I want is the same as you, subtle hints and not immediate "BTW I CHEATED ON YOU", bonus point if it's able to make it progress in different scenes and drop hints like you said.
New trial release so followup summary. After finding out that NTR propensity can be triggered by cheating trauma the protagonist is shocked. He runs to his nice neighbors house to ask for advice. But theres no one in their home. Instead he finds him in front of Miyas shack. Hes watching Miya have wild sex with his wife Kazumi. Neighbor tells the protagonist to wait and goes to him once those two are done. He confirms he asked Miya to have sex with his wife after the protagonist declined. All those scenes where it felt like there was something going on were true. Protagonist asks him if he moved to a small secluded town like this to plan a deal like that. Neighbor says that this is part of it too but stays vague like theres something else. No idea what this can foreshadow honestly. He tries to excuse himself and promise he wont bother protagonist and his wife. But then protagonist stops him and says he might have a similar propensity too. He explains that hes had ED since the cheating incient with his exwife. But that he reacted when Miya accidentally groped Kaedes breasts. Neighbor is understanding but hes trying to protect the protagonist because this is a dangerous deal. He even shows a photo of Miya and Kazumi having sex in that bbq party. He explains that its something he really should discuss with his partner. Since this is an important issue involving both of them.

Protagonist rushes back home and finds Kaede still awake. She was worried since hed left at night like that. Protagonist tries to explain everything thats going on. He frames it in a way that makes it sound better. First he says he might be cured and they could have sex. Then he explains that he got hard when Miya touched her breasts and what NTR propensity is. He explains that past cheating trauma can trigger it which really gets to Kaede. Since shes always been worried about whether he could move on from the whole affair with her sister. This softens Kaedes stance. She asks if hes decided on a partner. He proposes Miya but she hates the idea since she cant stand him. The conversation stalls and they go to sleep. The next day the protagonist is very apologetic. He tells Kaede that its ok to forget what he said. He might be able to find another cure. He says hes leaving to work early but instead he goes to the neighbor again. He asks if he could be Kaedes partner instead but the neighbor declines. For starters because even though hes gotten better he still struggles to get erection unless its NTR situation with his wife. But also because the affair with Miya seems to have improved the relationship with his wife. Shes hooked into it and hes able to have sex with her again too so theyre both feeling better. Theyre actually leaving town for a bit the next day because theyre going on a trip. Protagonist leaves dejected and finds Kaede waiting for him at the field. She guesses that he went to talk with the neighbor. Then she asks why he asked to have sex with Miya of all people. Protagonist just says that its exciting to him and then she demands that he goes back early to make dinner today. While he does she visits the neighbor herself. She tells him that she knows about the situation. What she didnt know is that he had that propensity too. And shes shocked to hear that it seems to really have improved his relationship with Kazumi. Neighbor doesnt want to pressure her but explains that it might be the only way to cure the protagonist.

Kaede comes back home and says she accepts the deal. Shell do it with Miya. But there are two conditions. One is that shell only use her hands, no sex. The other one is that protagonist cant be nearby looking. Protagonist wants to rush to Miyas home as fast as possible to strike the deal. They actually barge into his house while hes masturbating to AV. Nothing is shown here but the author showed an AV cover featuring protagonists exwife/Kaedes sister Aya. This seems like a strong hint about how hell find out about her current level of corruption. When protagonist tells Miya he has NTR fetish Miya gets exultant. Hes always wanted to have sex with Kaede. They explain the rules and hes still happy to do it. Theyre going to do it the next day. In the afternoon Miya approaches the protagonist to speak with him in private. Since hes helped him a lot he wants to help him bypass one of the rules. He proposes they record the act but since Kaede has amazing intuition hell hide the camera outside. This is the excuse to have more silhouette h scenes lol. Protagonist agrees. When the night comes Kaede leaves to Miyas house. Protagonist waits at home and gets very excited. When shes finally back he has a strong erection and asks that Kaede does the same thing to him. She jerks him off while he asks questions about doing it with Miya but shes very shy about the details. When she says that Miya asked that she shows him her boobs protagonist cums immediately. She says she didnt and realizes that the protagonist is disappointed even though he wants to hide it.

Kaede wants to go to sleep to organize her feelings but protagonist immediately goes to his computer to see if Miya sent the video. In the recording protagonist can see that Miya was constantly trying to flirt with Kaede. But she shut him down very coldly every time. Even then protagonist cums harder than before and is immediately hard again. Kaede catches him and is angry that they hid that. But then she sees how effective it was to get the protagonist going. She accepts that they can start recording it from now on. Protagonist also wants to convince her to do more than a clothed handjob but doesnt want to pressure her any more that day. The next day Miya asks protagonist how he felt about the video. Seeing his excitement he proposes an idea to him to convince Kaede to take it further. Protagonist tells her that itd be exciting to make a lottery about what she does with Miya and pushes hard to take it further. She ends up accepting but only as long as its things protagonist wrote and dont take it too far. She leaves to Miyas house after Naoto gives her the result for this first day of lottery. The trial ends there but the author left a teaser for the next scene. Its another silhouette h scene where you can see that shes supposed to undress till her underwear today. Trial ends definitely. Game still looks great but I still keep my initial advice. Its best to wait until its done because release is still god knows how many months away. And these are very mean stopping points lol.

Final trial for ci-en supporter. There will be public trial but shorter. Kaede goes to Miyas house while you wait at home. She takes longer to come back. When she does she tells protagonist to go check the email for the new video of todays session. The lottery they drew has her strip down to underwear, Miya touching her boobs, then another handjob at the end. Miya sneaks in some boob massage while shes jacking him off at the end too. With him shes still very aggressive but from her interaction with the protagonist its clear shes more open to it now. Protagonist gets so excited watching the video he gropes her from behind and they have sex after a long time. Just the second time ever they ever do. He cums pretty fast. Next day they wake up and Kaede is very happy that they were able to do it. She asks protagonist if they can end this thing with Miya since he looked like ED was cured. Protagonist goes silent before saying that yeah hes probably healed. Hes not convinced at all. In the afternoon Miya meets him and protagonist tell him that theyre done since hes healed. Miya doesnt fully buy it but he accepts it even though he wanted to suck Kaedes breasts lol. He says that as a gift he sent protagonist something he will enjoy through email. Its a photo of Kaede in her underwear so Miya probably hid a camera in his room too. But protagonist doesnt get an erection. At night the couple try to have sex again but theres no reaction. Protagonist really apologizes in shame but Kaede tells him not to. Then she proposes to resume that deal with Miya. Shell go to his house that same night. If it allows her to have a relationship with protagonist thats only a small price to pay to her.

Kaede draws the lottery and goes to Miyas house. She takes the longest time yet to come back. When she does she asks protagonist if hes really the one who wrote down the options for the lottery and shyly tell him to watch the video. Protagonist is a bit confused since this time it should be the same as last except he added a kiss on the cheek. It starts similarly but slightly less resistance form Kaede. Miya teases her nipples while groping her boobs but otherwise the same. Then Miya says the next lottery command is to get on all 4s. Protagonist is shocked since he never wrote that. Miya gets her in that humiliating pose and starts masturbating claiming that the rules dont ban that. Then he makes up that the next command is that he can do as he please with Kaedes body for 5 minutes while shes still on all 4s. He takes off her bra and starts molesting her in many ways. Kaede almost lets out moans for the first time. Time ends and Miya says its a shame since hed have eaten out her pussy properly if there was no limit. When its time to give him a handjob he makes up a clause that she has to answer his questions while she does it. Miya asks her embarrassing questions and finally gets to admit that shes never given a blowjob. So for the last prompt of the day Miya changed the kiss on the cheek for a kiss on his dick while she jacking him off. She does it and then Miya starts convincing her to give him a blowjob. Since he masturbated so much that day he says he wont come without it. Kaede is against it even though its close to the (fake) lottery prompt. Miya convinces her that with a NTR propensity like the protagonist he will actually be happy if they take it slightly farther than his plan. Kaede does it but says shell kill him if the protagonist isn't happy. Trial ends there with excited protagonist.

Shadow animation has gotten really good in this game. Cant wait for final version.
Have you tried サブリナと無力なタマシイ game yet? I have feel question about it. First of all do this one have pregnancy sex scenes. The second are this game interesting as old NTR games. It have been a long time I have not meet any hardcore NTR as Thug Hero Party. I need your suggestion for some new Ntr games. I would be more appreciate if this game have pregnant endings.

Regards old friends.
Latest LRTTIEM update is a joke so I dont think you want the link. Author apologized and after playing it I understood. Ultra short and not great content to begin with.
Holy shit, Nebel sure as hell feel over-engineered. While I do enjoy a bit of grind; this feels like its pure rng for anything to happen. I'm like.. 4h in and I have gotten like 2 scenes.
"over-engineered" is a great way to put it. I put 10hrs in and only got 1 blurry blowjob scene. Then on F95 a guy had a 3 page essay on how to get the good scene. Which pretty much killed my opinion of the game, had to just download a save and be done with it. I hope their next game is more like the spirit squeezing devil.
Seeing it on Dlsite i thought it was gonna be my favorite game ever, but its just as you said 'made way too bothersome'Praying on another one like ssd too.
If you want a decent experience, try the modded version over on EYNY.

My own playtesting yielded a few good scenes pretty quickly. I did do some save editing to make the gameplay more expedient, but all in all it's way better. For example, you get to skip the grindy day section entirely and the modded version has a King Crimson option to let you fight the boss whenever you like.
Nebel is interesting. The developer recommends not grinding, but created the game with an insane amount of grind built-in, more than most RPGM games featuring fights both in combat as well as the lewd mechanics...

As I wasn't searching online, had no idea about the EYNY modded version until now. No idea how it comes to what I did, but for anyone who wants to stick to the base version:
* Apply the RPGMV hook patcher - like you would for an untranslated game - and enable the accompanying cheat engine.
* Remove clipboard copy from <game_path>\www\js\plugins.js, end of the file will look something like this:
* Modify KEYCODE_1 through KEYCODE_0, which are keys 1 through 0 -- some being game built-in shortcuts, to unused keys
* Query key codes using Javascript or a website like
* Example - which uses Y, U, I, O, P, J, K, L, N and M
// Key codes
var KEYCODE_1 = 89; //49; Y
var KEYCODE_2 = 85; //50; U
var KEYCODE_3 = 73; //51; I
var KEYCODE_4 = 75; //52; O
var KEYCODE_5 = 80; //53; P
var KEYCODE_6 = 74; //54; J
var KEYCODE_7 = 75; //55; K
var KEYCODE_8 = 76; //56; L
var KEYCODE_9 = 78; //57; N
var KEYCODE_0 = 77; //48; M
var KEYCODE_TILDE = 192;

Even with that the total number of scenes I've actually been able to see is not good. Really nice concept and some of the art/scenes are really hot. I'll buy it at a discount at some point to support the English-friendly developer.
"over-engineered" is a great way to put it. I put 10hrs in and only got 1 blurry blowjob scene. Then on F95 a guy had a 3 page essay on how to get the good scene. Which pretty much killed my opinion of the game, had to just download a save and be done with it. I hope their next game is more like the spirit squeezing devil.

You mind sharing where you got the full save from? I can't find it for the life of me
So guys, what among the recent NTR games have a great gameplay that makes them worth playing as a "normal game"? I remember hearing good things about Azure Orphanage, what else?

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