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Jul 5, 2012
Well, to first I was not sure in which prefix it put should, because this topic/theme has all both attitudes: Question or as suggestion.

But well to theme now:

Well, how the title already says, would maybe not bad, if at creation of LPWs a menu option had, where there the fix numbers of replies/posts give/type could - Where then at reach of limits (Say we so e.g. at a 2300 post-LPW) automatical closes, and from the sticky area (where the 'Quotes!' and the '...HQ' thread is) moves - And then the winner by via PM informs.

Would that not nice...?:goodtea:~>
It's technically very hard to do so, if not impossible, or the process of making the thread would be heavily modified.
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It's technically very hard to do so, if not impossible, or the process of making the thread would be heavily modified.
But what would especially heavy it to do...? It is only at a thread so, and not at all (There could I maybe wrong be)... :goodtea:~>
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Just because only one thread needs special treatment doesn't make it any easier to implement. In fact, because it's only one thread (per LPW cycle), it's not worth the effort.

Such a feature isn't built in the forum software by default. Here's a rough estimate of the technicalities needed to make something like that possible:
  1. Add an option to the new thread submission form to automatically close it after X posts.
  2. Make a condition that IF a thread is located in the spam section AND has reached the threshold (therefore closing itself) THEN it should un-sticky itself.
  3. #1 and #2 are likely very hard to implement without breaking user permission settings because by default normal members can't close or sticky any threads.
  4. Make a bot that will react if a thread has fulfilled the conditions specified in #2 and read the username of the last poster to then send a PM to said user.
None of the above requirements are enabled by default in the forum software. And as Checkmate said, enabling it would require altering the innate intricacies of it, if it's even possible at all without making a new system altogether.
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Hello [MENTION=2]Ignis[/MENTION];!

Well, thanks for the detailed description, and I've now understood why it so is, how it is - But I wanted only with my suggestion at your tasks help, because it is sometimes really nerves, if you admins/mods X mentions get have for a LPW-close, not?

I've just/only so meant, that the normal member only one time the post-counter-menu make can - where after not more...

But how already mentioned: I've it now checked (what means: understood) - what now the/this thread close can.

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We'll look into finding an alternate solution for the "problem."

Thread locked.
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