[Japanese] [070209][May-Be SOFT] スガタ 完全版 The アニメ


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Feb 14, 2015
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  • Sugata - Complete Edition The Anime

    Title: スガタ 完全版 The アニメ
    Company: May-Be SOFT
    Release: 2007/02/09
    Language: Japanese
    Censorship: CEN

  • Info: http://www.getchu.com/soft.phtml?id=355825

    Sakurako washed my underwears without hesitating. Azusa swore at me when she got drunk. I liked Tsubasa's cheerful voice. Until the day we were informed that we weren't related by blood. Nothing was changed but it was true. I was so shocked to hear that, and immersed in inventing a drug to forget it. Finally, I invented a liquid drug called "No.21". Once I drink it, I become invisible. I immediately drink it and go outside, and rape the girls at random including a female high school student, my ex-homeroom teacher and so on. I come back to my house later on, and start a new life with sisters again. Yes, a new life....


ESG-004494.rar (726.8 MB)

ESG-004494.rar - 726.9 MB

ESG-004494.rar - 726.9 MB


For reupload/request please post in profile page or my discord channel. I'm not read inbox message.
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