『Mafia Game 8: Your maddest School Life ever starts from here...』

Golem starts slowly walking towards Hanami who then takes out and swallows a strange-looking pill while walking backwards.

Hanami then takes out some strange-looking triangle 666 Mark and sticks it at her face as Golem approaches her much faster than she back off. But as she sticks the mark to her head, suddenly it starts burning into her forehead, out of pain Hanami starts crying and for some strange reason her tears are red. Golem that approached her while she was suffering then quickly melted as 4 Sin's hands flew out of the Golem and swang at her with her claws! But Hanami who was backing down stumbled on completely nothing and fell to the floor dodging the slash!
Blood of the melting Golem then turned into a wave and started apporaching aiming to swallow Hanami whole!
Hanami jumps all the way to the ceiling of 2nd floor and uses her skewers in order to stick to it escaping the blood wave! Hanami herself seems shocked enough about jumping that high...
One of Sin's hands floating in the air turns into 3 eyes which then stare at the ceiling from different angles.
2 blood crystals raise from blood wave and then explode into dust. Also, now that Hanami was on the ceiling she could see real Sin standing some distance beihind where she stood on floor before.
Hanami uses her magical stick as she shouts out "Shining Barrier!♥" and a pink barrier appears around her blocking all the dust! She then takes 3 of her skewers and throws it at Sin's head, neck and heart but before skewers could reach, Sin teleports out of her sight!
The dust approaches the barrier and crystalizes all around the barrier limiting the vision of Hanami inside it. Doesn't seem to be doing anything more than that though.
From behind the crystalized barrier Hanami's words could be heard: "Sparkling... EXPLOSION!♥" and immediately afterwards a powerful explosion happens rights outside the barrier walls blowing away the crystal layer around the barrier along with the rabbit and the fire axe wrapped in blood launched at the barrier! Rabbit was blown to pieces, fire axe fell into fountain. Barrier was also broken by the power of it.
The blood on the floor became different sized shards and along with the leftover dust flew at Hanami! But Hanami immediately chanted another spell! "Shining Barrier!♥" and all of the shards and dust were stopped by it again...
The shards split and stick to the barrier at four different direction turning into spikes and starting digging into the barrier!
Hanami took her magical stick in her teeth and then used her hands and legs to somehow spiderwalk the ceiling using her skewers! Barrier, along with spikes trying to dig into it moved with her. She directed herself towards the Entrance Hall.

Hanami continues spiderwalking in that directions as Sin's 3 hands dart towards the barrier with their claws ready to strike! (coin win!) Claws successfully break the barrier that was constantly weakened by spikes! Using this opportunity Sin takes a pair of scissors and teleports them at Hanami's chest (coin loss) but misses because Hanami jumps off from ceiling to get back to first floor!
Hanami immediately starts shouting explosion spells one after another and somehow randomly manages to blow away shards flying at her or at least change their trajectory to make them miss. She lands on the floor and starts running towards the exit door while continuing shouting out explosion spells!
Hanami continues running to the exit and thus runs on the claws teleported to her front herself! All 3 pairs of claws pierce her in her stomach! But somehow even with them inside she continues running towards the exit and reaches it hitting the open button! "ACCESS GRANTED" is displayed and big metal door begins to slowly open.
Hanami, along with the 3 hands in her stomach is teleported 5 meters away from the door.

2 of the hands turn into leg and connect to the 3rd hand turning into something looking weird as Hanami just takes it out and throws it away immediately casting barrier as wave of dust is about to assult her from behind! Door is about 40% open.
The leg-hand thing turns back into 3 hands with claws and assault Hanami's barrier from different sides!
Door is almost 60% opened.
Hands continue hammering at the barrier as blood crystal shards also rush in to strike the barrier. Hanami slowly approaches the door. Barrier is about to be broken. Door is already 80% open.
Starry sky can already be seen through the opening in the door.

The door is about to be completely opened. The barrier has cracks running on it as Hanami gathers air in her lungs and then shouts out: "TIME STOP!" The barrier vanishes in an instant and everything in the Hall, including Sin standing away freezes.
Hanami still injured and bleeding just passes through the entrance and leaves the School.
Outside is lighted up by many stars in the sky and some half-transparent giant red barrier. Outside the school there is a small park in front of which stands a single bench with a red-haired girl (look my ava) sitting on it looking at her ID Card and then taking a look at Hanami going out.
The stars really look pretty, but wasn't it supposed to be evening now? Was the time announced in the school wrong?
That is what Hanami thought but then she noticed that the small park behind the girl was the only thing there was before roads were all suddenly ending into nothing. And behind them were only stars...
The girl sitting on bench spoke: [hl-red]『Yes, as you can probably guess already, this is space.』[/hl-red]
Girl gets up from the bench and you can notice her holding a revolver in another hand: [hl-red]『What, are you too surprised to even say anything?』[/hl-red]
Girl starts walking towards Hanami while raising her revolver slowly. She raises revolver and points it towards... Her own head.
Hanami: sure that works
She then pulls the trigger and white birds fly out of the other side of her head and fly to Hanami healing her wounds.
Hanami: that works too
Sova: [hl-red]『You would've died in just few minutes with that kind of bleeding. But you know what? That doesn't even matter. Look around, what do you see? Or what do you not see?』[/hl-red]
Hanami looks around and sees many stars and other planets but only 1 planet is missing... The Earth.

Sova: [hl-red]『The only humans left in the world are 2 of us. There is also the demon behind you but he will die in 4 minutes if he does nothing to it. Earth was destroyed by us... In the battle against Mad Host, we ended up destroying the Earth...』[/hl-red]
Hanami: here's my bigges question, did i win?
Sova: [hl-red]『You won the battle, but you lost war.』[/hl-red]
Hanami: basically im the last one alive
Sova: [hl-red]『The Artificial Host Project failed.』[/hl-red]
Hanami: so yeah
Sova: [hl-red]『None of you managed to become a host.』[/hl-red]
Hanami: a win in my book
Sova: [hl-red]『None of you will managed to stop the world from destruction... I suppose its about time it starts though...』[/hl-red]
Hanami: i was gonna conquer it anyway
Sova: [hl-red]『Btw, see those pretty stars in the space? They don't exist in reality. Stars are but an illusion. If you go further into space you will then return from the other side of this Solar System. The world is distorted in a strange way like that and is quite smaller than you would think...』[/hl-red]
Hanami: tell me exactly how the earth was destroyed
Sova: [hl-red]『My ability, Booster boosted plasma turrets on the roof of the building to make them much more powerful then I thought and shot deflected by Mad Host fired into the earth making it to the core of planet. I'll leave else to your imagination...』[/hl-red]
Hanami: it was your mad plan from the start
Sova: [hl-red]『No. You got your memory erased for the project so you don't remember, but you were one of the people operating those turrets』[/hl-red]
Hanami: well whatever, it wasnt as flashy as i thought it would be. so what now, do i just float in space? what about you? are you happy with this ending?
As Sova was about to answer, suddenly Hanami experiences a strong pain in her heart and kneels down on the floor coughing up blood. Looks like a certain brain teleported into her heart... The Time Stop ended and Sin's body is able to move again. Hanami drops dead, Girl looks at her with a sad and empty expression... Sin teleports to nearby Hanami's Corpse.
Sin: "I must apologize for so rudely interrupting your conversation"
Sova: [hl-red]『It doesn't matter anymore... Otherwise, are you sure you should keep onto that? If you don't throw it away, you will die in 2 minutes?』[/hl-red]
Sin: "I suppose your right"
Sin throws away everything he has. Girl smiles for a second, and then says: 『You wanted this, right?』 as she takes out something and throws it to Sin, it appears to be a small HDD.
Sova: [hl-red]『It contains all of your memories. Not that you will be able to change anything anymore, but at least you would know what has been happening all this time and why it came down to this.』[/hl-red]
Sin: "Sadly with out that machine it doesn't be me much good..."
Girl takes out her ID and clicks her fingers a few times. The floor opens up and a machine appears from it. It looks like some medical bed.
Sova: [hl-red]『I kept one in case someone escaped the building so I could return them their memories. So, will you use it?』[/hl-red]
Sin: "Might I ask you one thing first? Why corrupt those and turn their eyes red? There are document everywhere about it. What was the purpose?"
Sova: [hl-red]『Madness was not the purpose of this project. Just that even while beaten and locked in his dimension, Mad Host can still get into the minds of people... It was an unexpected miscalculation...』[/hl-red]
Sin: "Insanity, it quite enjoyable... But let's see what I've forgotten"
Sin inserts the HDD into machine and gets into the machine. Girl operates it with few clicks and then Sin falls into a deep flashback as his memory from the moment he entered the academy is restored. When he entered academy, he went to the academy headmaster and demanded him to stop sending letters and saying that he doesn't want to enroll. But then he was stopped outside by this Girl, Sova who somehow convinced him to enroll in the end. They spend half a year in the academy, but Sova planned to overtake the academy that just used the as lab rats in order to use it as a base to fight against Madness. Then there were memories of everyone in 1-A fighting together and killing everyone from Dark Side of Academy. Then in the end they were fighting against an army of red-eyed different people and against strange creature, the Mad Host himself. And in that giant battle, Earth was destroyed. Protected by the strong barrier they made before, only Academy survived and floated in the space. Together everyone from 1-A managed to turn it into a liveable place, but even then they couldn't stop thinking about how to restore Earth as they found out that the world was about to end. Thus they started on an extreme plan to make an Artificial Host in order to revert the damage. But now, with their miscalculation about Mad Host not being dead and people things not turning out as planned, the plan failed with only Sin surviving and everyone else dead. Sin gets out of the medical bed remembering everything now...
Sova: [hl-red]『So... What will you do now... The plan failed... The world will most probably end within few days and then new one will be created...』[/hl-red]
Sin: "Well, I have quite a bit of time to wait... A shame that the owl didn't make it; he was good company."
Sova: [hl-red]『That owl was controlled by me through the computer in the Locked Room.』[/hl-red]
Sin: "Annnd we've come full circle. Without the hunt, I have no games to play."
Sova: [hl-red]『Still... I see... Let us wait and see it ourselves then... This world's ending...』[/hl-red]
Sin: "Ha... "And now I'm become death... Destroyer of worlds..." Funny that is what comes to mind"
Sova returned to the bench and set on it looking at the school building and at the sky. A faint melody could be heard from her headphones. She just sat there while Sin just stood there for days. And soon it starts... The trembling that lets you feel like the whole world is trembling... The other planets are falling apart. The stars are disapearing 1 by 1, the school building starts crumbling... But then Girl starts talking to herself: [hl-red]『You may have won this time, in this world... But in the next one, I will definitely defeat you...』[/hl-red]
And then the Sun flared and consumed it all... The world has ended...


『And so this game that lasted reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long (like way too long than it was supposed to) finally comes to it's end. Thanks to everyone who participated. ^_^』

[MENTION=41294]Fear211[/MENTION] ; = Fear
[MENTION=37707]FinalPyre[/MENTION] ; = Final
[MENTION=28026]Asuka Langley[/MENTION] ; = Erza
[MENTION=8332]samyeung46[/MENTION] ; = Ariya = Dayia
[MENTION=40801]Infamous[/MENTION] ; = Tane
[MENTION=76366]chiru[/MENTION] ; = Chiru
[MENTION=66271]ryuta[/MENTION] ; = Yabai
[MENTION=36528]aexiel[/MENTION] ; = Azuriel
[MENTION=25147]MokouX13[/MENTION] ; = Chiaki
[MENTION=41434]Nazaka[/MENTION] ; = Moetron
[MENTION=60305]zad38[/MENTION] ; = Bear
[MENTION=73341]DreamCa7ch3r[/MENTION] ; = Hanami
[MENTION=46616]InorixShu[/MENTION] ; = Kuro
[MENTION=14327]kimovis[/MENTION] ; = Daichi
[MENTION=32153]DaRk_AnGeL_ZoA[/MENTION] ; = Rin
[MENTION=38786]Hinode[/MENTION] ; = Sumire
[MENTION=41391]♥ Sky[/MENTION] ; = Sky
[MENTION=78507]Satori Shinozaki[/MENTION] ; = Satori
[MENTION=29827]Ogikumo[/MENTION] ; = Skall
[MENTION=78659]marimofluff[/MENTION] ; = Maeve
[MENTION=67840]pichu655889[/MENTION] ; = Koshka
[MENTION=78963]Soul Yamamoto[/MENTION] ; = Ayano
[MENTION=79180]M1ha1ru[/MENTION] ; = Mikhail
[MENTION=41987]Sintarow[/MENTION] ; = Sin = Golem
[MENTION=13039]MadSova[/MENTION] ; = Sova = Monoowl
[MENTION=13039]MadSova[/MENTION] ; = Mad Host

Producer: MadSova
Story: MadSova
Hosting: MadSova

Special thanks:
To Dangan Ronpa for inspiration.
To many different games some of the items came from.
To everyone who played the game ^_^​

『Tag: #MG8
I'll make a sign up thread when I get home with a minor poll to see what's players want and don't want in my game
Hmm... or just host it some other time if you cant now =w= And we could just have some break or whatnot for now =w=

/me ish still working on his so thats a month away at least~

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