1. A

    Question What is this new layout? How do I able to switch back to the old one?

    The new layout looks too awful. It doesn't have a good organization or format like the old one. Is there any chance that we have a feature to switch back to old layout anytime soon?
  2. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel's Chibi Fan Service/Forum Renders

    And here is an extra fun service the users of the forum. The Chibi Project! The B-Project Chibis. The Code Geass C.C. Chibis. The Hatsune Miku Chibis. The Amagi Brilliant Park Chibis. The Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Chibis. The topic will be updating daily...
  3. Redorc

    Answered Dark style for the forum?

    Hello, Before everything else, sorry if the question was asked before, or if it's not the good section :( Well I was just wondering if it was possible to have a dark style added to the forum, because white tends to hurt eyes when you browse for a long time... Thanks in advance for any answer! :)
  4. ~SnowAngel~

    Some Design help?

    Some members of my guild in a game I play said that our forum wasn't right with the colors. I tried for hours trying to get the stuff right, but I think I'm losing my sense X_X. Anyway, I'm wondering if there's some way I can make this work with the main image we have. If not, I'll have to find...
  5. Tsunku

    First Time Forum User.

    Hello! I'm new to forums and find myself lucky to have chosen this one as my first. :3 Hope we get along and I'll be in your care~ ^-^
  6. Tenshi

    Rate the Profile Picture Above You

    I mean, it's there, so why not? For this one, it really would be better for you to link the picture in your post, but optional option is optional.